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Top Logistics and Transportation Companies: Lalamove, Transportify, F2, Excelsior, and Gothong Southern

By Cat Dewinta - July 27, 2020

Top Logistics and Transportation Companies: Lalamove, Transportify, F2, Excelsior, and Gothong Southern

Logistics and transportation has been a foundation for success in any industry. A grocery would not have the right amount of supplies if the trucks will not arrive on time. You would not be able to get the latest Apple products without a fast shipment from the United States. In a nutshell, logistics and transportation connects global businesses up to your local store. It has evolved tremendously over the past decades. With the latest technology enables you to have your shipments be delivered at your doorstep. Businesses and companies are able to keep up with the demand of its customers. And all of this success will not be possible without the top logistics and transportation companies.

Today, on our list, we picked out the best of the top logistics and transportation companies. However, the team has picked these logistics companies for what they excel in. This list is in no particular order and we will highlight what makes them part of our top logistics and transportation companies.

What is logistics and transportation?

Logistics is defined as the coordination of complex processes involving resources such as people, facilities, supplies, etc. Where transportation is defined as the physical movement of these resources. Logistics and transportation can be defined separately but supplements each other especially in business processes. Think of logistics as the brain that thinks and plans all what is needed for transportation, the arms and legs, to move and execute the plans. Without further ado, here are our editors’ picks for the top logistics and transportation companies in the Philippines.

Top Logistics and Transportation Companies


LB Approved Lalamove

Starting off our list is a brand everyone is familiar with, it is no other than Lalamove. Lalamove is an express delivery courier company focused on on-demand logistics and transportation services. You may have seen their brands on motorcycles going around the Metro. It is no surprise that most small businesses and online sellers go for Lalamove’s services. The Lalamove app is easy to use, their services are affordable, and a fast arrival time because of their motorcycle fleet.

Core features of Lalamove lie within their fast on-demand delivery. Lalamove guarantees you for your deliveries to within 55-minute completion. Lalamove’s secret is with their compact utility vehicles. Although Lalamove struggles for heavy duty deliveries. Despite their fleet including large utility vehicles, these are used by their business partners. But worry not since joining their business program is easy and you may apply your business especially if you avail their services daily. It is no doubt Lalamove is one of the top logistics and transportation companies in the Philippines.

Know more about Lalamove by visiting their website.


LB Approved Transportify

Next on our top logistics and transportation companies in the Philippines is Transportify, another modern technology logistics service most are familiar with. Transportify is another leading provider of on-demand services, but they focus more on trucking services. Transportify’s core services includes any customers to book vehicles ranging from sedan/MPV, L300/Van, Closed Van, Pickup truck, Reefer truck, Mini Dump truck, 6w Fwd truck, Long Pickup truck, Dump truck and 10W Wing vans. You may not be using these types of services as often but it actually helps many businesses in transporting goods from one place to another without spending much. That is why Transportify is partnered with thousands and still growing a number of businesses up to today.

Transportify is a trusted partner of big brands when it comes to trucking services. There has also been a lot of testimonies in the media on how Transportify services improved small businesses to keep up with the market. Transportify offers a comprehensive Corporate Account for Business for interested clients. Transportify is keen to improve your business operations by providing you with cutting edge technology and innovation.

Discover the services of Transportify by visiting their website or downloading their application using the button below:

F2 Logistics

LB Approved F2 Logistics

Our next pick for top logistics and transportation companies is F2 Logistics and freight forwarding company. You may know them for their bright yellow vans. F2 Logistics are a leading Filipino brand for global logistics and delivery services. F2 Logistics also started a decade ago as a premier domestic cargo forwarding company. Now F2 Logistics cater to international movement of goods, making them one of the top logistics and transportation companies founded in the Philippines. F2 Logistics expertise in customs brokerage enabled them to expand their services for a span of a decade. F2 Logistics is partnered with top local airlines to provide domestics freight services. Together with Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and even AirAsia, the services of F2 logistics is able to reach key cities around the country.

F2 Logistics core services include providing logistics solutions to businesses of any industry. F2 Logistics is ideal for businesses that are dependent on deliveries going outside the city. Other services of this top logistics and transportation companies are cold chain, ISO Tank, Project Cargo, and other specialized logistics services.

Visit F2 Logistics’ website to know more.

Excelsior Logistics

LB Approved Excelsior

Next on our list of top logistics and transportation companies is a worldwide freight logistics, known as Excelsior. Excelsior has recently celebrated its 15 years of service on global shipping. Serving more than 10 countries, Excelsior is known for its expertise in large cargo and freight forwarding in cross border deliveries. Excelsior is your ideal partner for shipments to and from international destinations. Excelsior is also known to be the logistics partner with manufacturing giants.

Excelsior Worldwide Freight Logistics Corporation’s core services includes international freight forwarding services, non-vessel operating common carrier, break bulk agency, trucking, customs brokerage, and import & export requirements assistance.  Excelsior is affiliated with different government agencies, this ensures that all shipments done with the company is guaranteed to be safe and secure. Excelsior also has an updated website wherein you can request a quotation for shipments and receive it within 24 hours.

Explore Excelsior Logistics’ website to have a full view of their available services.

Gothong Southern

LB Approved Gothong Southern

Last but not the least is Gothong Southern. It is a shipping company started in Cebu. As of this moment, Gothong Southern has been a reliable shipping company in the Philippines. Gothong Southern is dominant in shipping services especially in the south. Since the majority of the country is separated by water, Gothong Southern connects key cities in the Philippines to make transactions, shipments, and deliveries easier than ever. Gothong Southern has a variety of services, including: containerized shipment, rolling cargoes, breakbulk, vessel chartering, heavy industry cargo, and tug-boat services. We included Gothong Southern in our list of top logistics and transportation companies as it enables companies and industries from the provinces to be able to ship to major cities.

Gothong Southern recently launched their eCommerce logistics that is ideal for online businesses. This feature includes an updated check on shipping schedules, online booking, track shipment, cashless transaction for shipment, and eCommerce bidding.

Visit the website of Gothong Southern to have an idea about the service that they offer.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where do I check the prices for the top logistics and transportation companies?

To check the pricing for tech-based logistics companies like Transportify and Lalamove is very easy. Just open their app and input the pickup and drop off location. Also, companies with updated websites like Transportify and Excelsior has online calculators to instantly get the base price for your logistics needs.  While the rest can be reached through the company agents and have a private conversation and to quote exact pricing for the logistics service that suits your needs.

2. How do I select the best freight forwarding company?

Selecting the best will depend on the kind of service you require. If your business or needs can be done by a parcel company then LBC, or Lalamove is your best choice. Whereas if your logistics needs involve international shipping, you can partner up with CEVA, Excelsior, or F2 Logistics. While trucking services for Luzon-wide delivery is a specialty that Transportify offers. Each of these companies provides different kinds of logistics services that can tailor-fit to whatever kind of need you have. Its best to contact these logistics providers and ask questions to see if they match your requirements.