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Trucking Services of Leading E-Commerce Logistics Company: Airspeed, Air21, LBC, Transportify

By Cat Dewinta - June 11, 2020

leading ecommerce logistics companies

In this article, our editorial team conducted a comparison from different trucking services of the leading logistics company in the Philippines for their e-commerce logistics solutions. We narrow down the list into three e-commerce logistics service providers that can offer a variety of trucking services. Before jumping on the comparison, let’s get to know the impact of e-commerce on a leading logistics company today.

The continuous rapid growth of e-commerce affects the operations of trucking services today. Over the past few years, e-commerce has won over the way consumers are shopping and spending. The convenience of online shopping and e-commerce industry is drastically changing the operation and functionalities of a leading logistics company. These trends in the logistics industry have presented challenges, and more abundant opportunities for the trucking services and e-commerce logistics industry as the industry should adapt to the new challenge and demand of the consumers.

Leading logistics company usually offer a different kind of logistics solutions depending on the client or business needs. Some leading logistics company customizes its trucking services to match the requirements of their clients. With that said, some businesses try their hardest to provide the best e-commerce logistics as possible to their consumers.

Now that you have an idea about the impact of e-commerce on a leading logistics company, here are the following comparison from the top 3 e-commerce logistics solutions providers:

Trucking Services of Leading E-commerce Logistics Company - Airspeed

Airspeed is well known for its end-to-end logistics solutions. Airspeed has been operating in the Philippines for over 30 years as an express courier company. Availing Airspeed e-commerce logistics and trucking services, you can experience a reliable service, trust in their expertise, and you can rest assured that your package will arrive on its destination safely and promptly.

Airspeed offers the following trucking services and e-commerce logistics:

  • Freight solutions management
  • Customized logistics
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Customs releasing

So, if you’re a business owner that imports supplies from the neighboring countries, Airspeed’s custom releasing can be a good fit for your e-commerce logistics needs. Unlike with Transportify, Airspeed doesn’t promote a mobile app where you can track your shipment in real-time. Though, you can track your delivery by visiting Airspeed’s website and use their tracking page. For over 30 years of experience, Airspeed has been providing Filipinos with end to end logistics solutions. Airspeed has presence all over the country. With warehouses located in Cebu, Davao, and all over Metro Manila, you can never go wrong with your express courier services with Airspeed.

Trucking Services of Leading E-commerce Logistics Company - Air 21

Air21 is well-known for its tagline “Sagot ko Padala Mo!” and has been operating in the Philippines for more than 38 years. Air21 is considered as one of the pioneers of logistics solutions providers in the country. Air21 is known as a leading logistics company and are famous for the following services nationwide:

  • Door to door
  • Sea to sea
  • Crafting
  • Cargodega
  • Cargo-to-go
  • Go21

Aside from the trucking services, Air21 also has bills payment services from most of the billing providers in the Philippines. For business owners that sell online, the most opt e-commerce logistics services Air21 provide are their door-to-door delivery service, where you can choose from a variety of boxes such as “bulilit,” “suliight,” “hebigat,” and “bigaten.” Each of these Air21 service options has a corresponding weight minimum for a specific product.

Air21 has a variety of features in their website. You can instantly check your quotation for their services. Air21 cargo trucking services mainly focus on express services and warehousing service for businesses. Air21 also released the UBE Express as a point to point transportation service to and from the airport. So if you’re a business owner with lots of different products to be shipped, you can choose from Air21 boxes that can match your needs.

Trucking Services of Leading E-commerce Logistics Company - LBC

LBC is perhaps one of the most beloved and trusted logistics companies in the Philippines. LBC has been the household brand for Filipinos when it comes to “padala”. One of the main reasons for this is LBC’s nationwide reach. And their remittance service is used by overseas Filipino workers. As of 2016, LBC has more than 1,252 branches in the country, and over 60 branches around the world. The services they offer are:

  • Instant Peso Padala (Online Remittance)
  • DKilobox/Balikbayan Box
  • Bills Express
  • Door to door land, sea, and air freight movement
  • Business Sevices: LTL, FTL, FCL, warehousing

LBC is known for their numerous services that help Filipinos with their package needs. LBC contributes a lot in the advancement of e-commerce and has brought a massive impact on the global economy. Consumers enjoy the convenience of online shopping with the help of LBC express delivery services; however, for the trucking services and e-commerce logistics industry, the increase of online purchases has made a lot of changes in the industry. With LBC, tons of people around the globe are now enjoying the benefits of online shopping for everything from grocery needs, pharmaceuticals, footwear, electronics, fashion, and automotive needs. The e-commerce industry has been evolving drastically by leaps and bounds through decades. LBC also has cash on delivery and cash on pick up for e-commerce solutions. LBC Express continues to be the staple brand for express courier services in the Philippines.

Trucking Services of Leading E-commerce Logistics Company - Transportify

When it comes to trucking services, Transportify can give you the best and smartest trucking logistics solution for your e-commerce logistics needs. The good news is you can save more by availing the Transportify trucking services compared to other leading logistics company.

Transportify’s fleet & prices are affordable and can be customized based on your booking requirements. As a business owner who sells its products online, your number one goal is to manage your shipping expenses to serve your customers better and to have a reasonable profit for every product.

The good thing is you can simply rent any kind of vehicle you preferred to use for your shipping needs. So if you need a bigger compartment for your shipments, you can opt for the Transportify closed vans, but if you have a few items to be shipped but a bit bulky, you can choose for sedans as an alternative. Having this kind of option for business owners is convenient and can save you from unexpected expenses, all thanks to Transportify.

Moreover, Transportify offers its clients their on-demand delivery app, where customers can simply download the platform right from their smartphones to track and monitor their shipments 24/7 and in real-time.

That’s why if you’re an online seller that ships the same products daily with a required volume, Transportify is the perfect partner for your e-commerce logistics needs. Start making a difference in your logistics services by visiting the Transportify website or by clicking the button below:


Nowadays, consumers prefer a hassle-free shipping method, deliveries, and on-time transactions with the business. Some businesses offer free shipping, easy returns, and multi-delivery options to their consumers. A business can provide this kind of trucking services to their consumers if they choose to partner with the most trusted and reliable e-commerce logistics company.

Transportify, as a perfect example for a leading logistics company, can provide this kind of service to their clients. With their business partners program, you can customize and centralized your expenses when it comes to deliveries. As e-commerce continues to grow its demand, the only thing that a leading logistics company can do when it comes to preparedness is to continuously stay relevant and adapt to the changing protocols of e-commerce retail. An ideal example of a leading logistics company should meet all the logistics requirements accurately and efficiently. As a business owner in the world of e-commerce, your chosen logistics provider will also represent your business. It means that whatever they do, good or bad service will also reflect the reputation of your business.

That’s why it’s imperative to choose the best logistics provider to secure your shipping and delivery requirements. Nowadays, reputation is something that a company should protect, especially when it comes to online. Any negative comments and reviews from the consumers can affect your sales and profit in the future especially to logistics in Metro Manila.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I see their shipping rates?

You can simply go to their websites and look for the services you’re planning to avail of. From there, you can see their available shipping rates based on the services and boxes they will be using for your shipments. But for Transportify, you can simply download their on-demand delivery app to know their rates based on the location and destination of the freight.

2. Which logistics company provides timely deliveries for e-commerce?

The answer is it depends. There are thousands of logistics company that can provide timely deliveries, and all of them has its own factors. One of these factors that need to be considered is the location from where to pick up the shipment and the destination on where to send the delivery.

Besides, what’s the sense of outsourcing a leading logistics company and trucking services provider if they can’t provide accurate and timely delivery for your shipping needs? A reliable logistics company ensures prompt and on-time delivery of your shipment to your customers.