Logistics in Metro Manila: Doing Our Part

By Editor Logisticsbid - SnVuZSA5LCAyMDIw


In a recent study of the Asian Development Bank, Manila was branded as the “most congested” city in developing Asia. It is timely for us to take the steps in easing the congestion. Traffic is definitely a nightmare for any business, especially for logistics. Not only it affects the conditions of the goods you are transporting, but also the necessary time the products should be in its destination. As a Nation, we should work together towards reducing this congestion and minimizing our carbon footprint. This might be difficult for logistics since it’s part of our processes to put the vehicles on the road and contribute to the traffic. It makes perfect sense for us to reducing the congestion to help the logistics in Metro Manila.

Less than Truck Load

This may not be a new practice. In fact, it’s a strategy for experienced logistics company to cut costs and maximize opportunities in every deliveries they do. For example, a clients order may not fill up an entire closed van. A simple strategy of putting multiple clients in an organized system can save you resources by maximizing the space of your trucks. Instead of sending multiple vehicles at the same time, use a huge truck to deliver goods that are near each other.

Route optimization

Combined with your LTL strategy, optimizing your route can help you discover a more efficient way of delivering goods. Utilizing technology can help you in real time navigation. Resources for these technology is cheaper and readily available. Its a matter of adapting and committing to the change. GPS technology is getting more and more precise, and it’s timely for us to be using this technology.

Vehicle maintenance

Assuring that each of your vehicle is well maintained can contribute in easing the congestion. Since a healthier vehicle is less likely to break down in transit. It may be costly in the perspective of some, but its a long term investment and solution. Businesses that rely on logistics on a daily basis should find this factor a very important one.

Exceptionally trained fleet

Humans are the best resources we have. That is why it is just as important to take care of your staff. The more educated your staff is, the easier you can reach your vision to achieving greener logistics. All factors above requires educating your drivers for it to be executed properly.

Logistics in Metro Manila has still a long way to go. But it is never too late. As a leader in change, the perfect time to start is now. Logistics is not about being able to deliver anything, but is about making sure that the flow of any system will be smooth. Starting with logistics, we can greatly contribute in easing the congestion in Metro Manila.