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Delivery App Customer Reviews: A Lalamove and Transportify Comparison

By Cat Dewinta - March 19, 2022

When it comes to on-demand delivery app services, Lalamove and Transportify are two of the most popular names. Both companies offer valuable features and good advantages, but which one is better liked by their customers? This article will take you from the consumers’ standpoint to understand their reviews for their on-demand delivery services.

Why Do Customer Reviews Matter?

The impact of customer reviews on the internet continues to be of greater value, like personalized recommendations from family and friends throughout all generations. According to the statistics of BrightLocal in 2020, 79% of consumers trust online reviews and ratings as much as personal recommendations. This is a three-point increase from the previous year, suggesting that more consumers are beginning to value internet reviews as much as word-of-mouth.

Rating Comparison on Different Platforms

Let’s start with numbers.

We looked at several platforms to gather the ratings of Lalamove and Transportify. We started our search by checking on Facebook. According to Hubspot 2022, the Philippines is sixth with the most Facebook users.

Customers are more vocal on Facebook pages than anywhere else since customers are expected to be more active. After that, we looked at both the Google Play and Apple Store since they are both app-based service companies.

Here are their respective ratings as of February 28:

Right off the chart, you will see that Transportify has higher ratings on Facebook than Lalamove. While for both the app store, Lalamove has higher ratings.

Although Lalamove has a higher rating on Google and Apple, it’s important to note that their app is shared across all Asian countries (e.g., Malaysia, Hong Kong), unlike the Transportify app, which is available only in the Philippines. Other reviews you may come across in Lalamove’s Google and Apple Store can be for other countries, so don’t get confused.

Sample Reviews from Lalamove and Transportify

Let’s look at the substance of the reviews now that we’ve finished with figures.

Consumers want to know the typical comments of their bookers since it will help them determine which one to pick. So we collected reviews since March, good and bad, then organized them into categories to talk about them in-depth.

Note: To guarantee that the exclusivity of this post only applies to the Philippine market, we used only Facebook below for Lalamove and Transportify review samples.


Negative Review:

Here are some recent negative customer reviews from the Lalamove page. Reading these, it is clear these customers were dissatisfied with Lalamove’s customer service.

Positive Reviews:

Customers of Lalamove commend their fast and affordable delivery service, which is often done by motorcycle deliveries.

Driver Reviews:

Aside from customer reviews, we noticed that some Lalamove drivers expressed their dissatisfaction with the low rates in the review section of the page.


Negative Reviews:

Here are the negative customer reviews we got from Transportify’s page. Because there weren’t many negative reviews on their page, two of the reviews date back to November 2021. Customers mainly commented on the driver’s professionalism and overall service

Positive Reviews:

Customers praised their fast delivery, accommodating drivers, and responsive customer service in their positive reviews. Furthermore, customers were pleased with the service because they left lengthy reviews to back it up.

Driver Reviews:

Unlike Lalamove drivers, Transportify drivers do not express their dissatisfaction on Transportify’s Facebook page. As a result, we were unable to gather driver reviews from the page.

Understanding Reviews

Now that we have sample reviews for Lalamove and Transportify, let us compare them in greater depth by determining the common theme of these reviews.

What Customers Like About Lalamove:

Fast motorcycle deliveries

Customers like their fast motorcycle deliveries. Because it is best known for its motorcycles, Lalamove is a popular choice for customers who need to make urgent or time-sensitive deliveries in Manila, Pampanga, and Cebu.

Low rates

Oil and other commodities are all known to be rapidly inflating, so it is unsurprising that fuel prices continue to rise. Despite this, Lalamove has kept its low motorcycle delivery costs, making it appealing to customers. As a result, customers continue to use their motorcycles for personal and business deliveries.

What Customers Don’t Like About Lalamove:

Unresponsive customer service

One of the common concerns of their customers is their unresponsive customer service.  Customers would complain that their customer service is unresponsive, and even if it did respond, the agent would be unable to resolve the issue. Customers aren’t the only ones who are unhappy with Lalamove’s on-demand delivery customer service; drivers are as well.

Drivers changing booking status to complete even if items are not yet delivered

Customers were concerned about drivers being able to complete the booking on the app while their goods are still in transit. This led customers to become confused and worried. A reliable must provide accurate locations and real-time information to avoid miscommunication between parties.

What Customers Like About Transportify:

Accommodating Customer Service

Transportify customers are pleased with their customer service, which is both helpful and responsive. Customer service representatives are available to help customers in any way they can, especially if Transportify drivers encounter problems.

Good prices for bulk deliveries

Because they specialize in bulk shipments, they provide the most cost-effective light delivery vehicles and trucks. Customers find Transportify’s fleet to be suitable for their business and even personal delivery requirements. Individuals are most likely to use Transportify vehicles for lipat bahay.

What Customers Don’t Like About Transportify:

Driver cancellation

Driver cancellations are a problem that some Transportify customers have mentioned on Transportify’s  Facebook page. Because Transportify uses four-wheeled or more vehicles, it is more susceptible to traffic and malfunction, prompting drivers to request cancellation. However, because cancellation is mostly at the discretion of the driver, Transportify ensures that canceled bookings are replaced through their customer service.

Driver assignment

Transportify customers have complained about longer driver assignment times. However, their customers continue to use Transportify due to its expanded service area in the Philippines, which means that their drivers can deliver even in provinces.


Throughout our data collection and analysis, we discovered that Lalamove and Transportify customers are more concerned with customer service and driver professionalism than with price. Customer experience and convenience should, without a doubt, come first when providing these types of services.

It can be identified that customers like their deliveries to:

  1. Be fast or delivered the soonest possible time;
  2. Have an accommodating customer service that can resolve issues at hand;
  3. And be reasonably priced.

The benefits and drawbacks of using Lalamove and Transportify are unique to each other, and as modern customers, it is critical to read reviews and ratings before booking with them.

Go to the websites of Lalamove and Transportify to begin your booking.

Lalamove WebsiteTransportify Website


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download Lalamove and Transportify?

Both on-demand delivery apps are available in Google Play, Apple App Store, and the web. The app is helpful for people who want quick access to their phones and for companies that need access to bigger screens such as tablets and computers.

Where can I read reviews about Lalamove and Transportify?

Both platforms’ reviews and ratings are available on Facebook, Google, and Apple. Before you hire a service, reading reviews and ratings is an important part of your research process since it provides insight into what to anticipate and prepare for if you pick Lalamove or Transportify.