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Motorcycle Same Day Delivery Face-off: Grab, Lalamove, and Borzo (Formerly MrSpeedy)

By Cat Dewinta - December 04, 2023

Motorcycle Same Day Delivery Face-off: Grab, Lalamove, and Borzo (Formerly MrSpeedy)

In the Philippines, the logistics landscape is constantly evolving. From traditional logistics providers to on demand same day delivery apps, it is safe to say that the logistics industry has seen some dramatic changes in the last few years. These same day delivery apps are used extensively by both individuals and business customers to move goods or deliver important documents. In this article from Logisticsbid, we will take a closer look at three well-known same day delivery apps for motorcycle delivery: Grab, Lalamove, and MrSpeedy, who now we know as Borzo. We simulated several delivery bookings so that we can share our experiences in using those three delivery apps.

These motorcycle delivery apps play a vital role in today’s setting. From allowing customers to work from home to delivering food and medicine to families, these delivery apps are important in our day-to-day lives. And because they play such a huge role in today’s economy, it is essential to know which same day delivery app for motorcycle delivery works best for your needs.


Lalamove, a delivery app for small and medium-sized items, is well known in Metro Manila for its motorcycle deliveries. Their fleet of vehicles ranges from motorcycles to 4 wheeler closed vans, but it is in the motorbike space where they are widely used. Lalamove originated in Hong Kong back in 2013 and opened their services in the Philippines in November of 2016. Since then, they have expanded their presence to various places in the Philippines such as Mega Manila, Pampanga, and Cebu.


Grab is a popular ride hailing service that started in Malaysia back in 2012. But after many years, their ride hailing service evolved to include package delivery operations using motorbikes and small vehicles. In Metro Manila, Grab is known for their “pabili service” wherein a customer uses the app to purchase groceries and other essential items and a Grab delivery personnel will have it delivered to the customer’s home.

Borzo (Formerly known as MrSpeedy)

MrSpeedy, now known as “Borzo”, is another widely used motorcycle delivery app for transporting small items and parcels. MrSpeedy started operations back in 2018 with the goal of helping Filipino entrepreneurs by providing efficient and affordable same day delivery service. MrSpeedy operates in the Mega Manila and Davao area and is well known for its affordable rates.

Service Ratings

Reviews from customers are important because they reflect the service of these companies. We notice that Filipinos are more active on Facebook. Filipino users post their reviews on Facebook often compared to Google Playstore and  Apple Store. Here is what we gathered for Grab, Lalamove, and MrSpeedy.

Booking Experience

Instant Delivery

In the world of apps that deliver things the same day, the best feature is instant delivery. We found that MrSpeedy and Lalamove charge about the same. But MrSpeedy is often cheaper in many places. GrabExpress is also a good choice because it has more services. It offers good insurance (up to 20,000 PHP) in its basic package and can deliver to more places than others. This makes GrabExpress a good choice for fast deliveries, as their drivers usually accept jobs faster.

We tried GrabExpress Instant for a delivery from Caloocan City Hall to Makati Diamond Residences. It cost 150 PHP, more than MrSpeedy (115 PHP) and Lalamove (121 PHP). The service was better than we expected, with the driver accepting and finishing the job quickly. Since we sent valuable items, we liked GrabExpress’s strong insurance for extra safety.

Pabili Service

These apps are great for quick small tasks, like buying groceries, with their ‘Pabili’ service. MrSpeedy is usually the cheapest. Lalamove and Grab can buy up to 2,000 PHP worth of items, and MrSpeedy can now do the same.

Our experience with Lalamove and MrSpeedy for a delivery from Cloverleaf Balintawak Market to Malabon City taught us a lot. Lalamove was cheaper first, but we had to switch to MrSpeedy because of the driver’s location. Their service was fast and friendly, and they handled our order well, even though some items were not available.

Same Day Delivery

For planning deliveries ahead of time, these apps help schedule them. Lalamove and MrSpeedy have the same prices for quick and planned deliveries, based on how far it is. GrabExpress has a cheaper 4-hour delivery option. This was a good deal for our deliveries in Metro Manila, balancing speed and cost.

Other Services You Need To Know

As mentioned in the previous part of this article, we preferred GrabExpress for instant deliveries specifically because with no additional fee you could avail of their Basic Package insurance amounting to 20,000 PHP. MrSpeedy offers Item Indemnity in cases of damage or loss. They charge 4% of the total declared value for it while Lalamove has a more confusing policy on this since the first customer service agent we talked to said there is no insurance and the other said there is.

About paying, all three apps let you pay without cash. Lalamove and MrSpeedy take cards and GCash, while Grab has its own GrabPay system. Grab also lets you add money to your account in more ways, both online and in stores.

What if I Have Larger Items To Deliver?

Grab, Lalamove, and MrSpeedy motorcycles are only limited to not more than 20 kilograms. But what if you need to deliver items with more weight? You can explore other same day delivery apps that have four-wheeled vehicles in their offerings. While Lalamove, Grab, and MrSpeedy have their four wheeled vehicles, Transportify is more experienced and more versed in transporting items up to 25,000 kilograms. Not only do they have a more diverse vehicle and truck selection, but they also have a broader service area than these motorcycle delivery apps to anywhere in Luzon and Cebu. They also have their interisland trucking service if you need a full truckload service from Luzon or Cebu to other islands of Visayas and Mindanao.

To know more about Transportify and their services, you can visit their website and blogs or download their application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store or by clicking the button below:


After evaluating the service levels of these motorbike delivery apps, we believe that the first place spot belongs to Grab. Their wide range of services, from instant deliveries to pabili services, online payment methods, and superior insurance coverage makes them the sure winner of this competition.

Lalamove, although it has a wide area of coverage, can improve on their customer service support because many customers use that channel to make inquiries or seek assistance with their booking. MrSpeedy, while it already provides decent delivery services, can still improve by introducing new innovations on their product line.

Thank you for taking the time to read this feature and don’t forget to regularly check our website for the latest updates in the Logistics Industry not just here in the Philippines but in Southeast Asia.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the largest 4 wheeler vehicle offered by Grab, Lalamove and MrSpeedy?

Among the three, Lalamove offers the largest 4 wheeler vehicle. These are closed vans available in Metro Manila, Central Luzon and South Luzon. Grab and MrSpeedy have their 4 wheeler vehicles as well but these are mostly sedans and light delivery vehicles. If you are looking for the right vehicle to fit bulk items, you can check out Transportify’s diverse fleet. You can book their smallest vehicle like sedans up to the largest which is 10 wheeler trucks.

2. Can these motorcycle same day delivery apps deliver to provinces?

Yes. Grab, Lalamove and MrSpeedy are working on the expansion of their service areas. MrSpeedy now has operations in Davao. Grab now has operations in North Luzon and Lalamove just recently launched in Pampanga and Cebu.