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Largest Logistics Company for Freight Services: 2Go, UPS, FedEx, and Transportify

By Cat Dewinta - July 03, 2020

Largest Logistics Company for Freight Services

Are you looking for the largest logistics company and freight services provider in the Philippines that can help your business expand as you continue to grow? That would require you plenty of time and effort to look for tons of freight services companies from all over the country. With the help of proper research, you can ensure the scalability of the freight services companies in the Philippines.

If you are looking for some help in searching for these kinds of freight services companies, then this article got you covered! Our editorial team has conducted in-depth research to give you informative details about the largest logistics company here in the Philippines this 2021.

Getting partnered with the most reliable and trustworthy logistics company can give you plenty of benefits. The logistics company will serve as the face of your business, so any good and bad doings they give to your customers will also reflect on your business reputation.

So, are you ready to know which freight services companies are ranking as the largest logistics company in the Philippines which can provide and meet all your business’s shipping requirements? Fret not, and let’s dig in!

Largest Logistics Company


LB Approved Transportify

For sure you’ve heard about Transportify, and if you see some vehicles outside with green decals and large Transportify logos – yes, it’s their trademark! Transportify is the leading logistics company and the largest logistics company in the Philippines when it comes to a same-day delivery solution, trucking services, and fixed price route shipment. They are famous for their mobile and web application that enables customers to book, manage, and monitor deliveries and pickups anywhere in Luzon.

Transportify’s marketplace connects businesses and individuals with well-trained drivers and their vehicles to give trustworthy and affordable service based on their high-quality standards. Today, Transportify is serving other countries in Southeast Asia, such as in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia under the brand Deliveree.

Transportify opened its business in the Philippines last 2016, they became the game-changer for logistics, especially for freight, cargo, delivery vans, and small trucks, enhancing businesses’ ability for large and bulk deliveries within Mega Manila and other provinces in Luzon.

The edge of Transportify among its competitors is the use of the latest technology for its freight services. Filipinos always look for the best ways of doing things which can give them the convenience and benefits that they can enjoy. Transportify, on the other hand, provides these conveniences for the Filipinos through their on-demand delivery app.

Transportify brings the latest modular approach to the traditional truck for rent, truck rental, and vehicle for hire services, as well as for freight services. Instead of providing fixed or flat rate prices depending on full day trucking services, the number of its services based on the size of the vehicle, distance, and added service options like an additional helper. The further the distance, the larger the vehicle, and the more added services you select, then the higher the price for their services. You can opt from the vehicle of your choices such as MPVs, L300s, closed vans trucks, sedans, pickup trucks, and big trucks like 6w Fwd Truck , Dump trucks and 10W Wing Van. Although only available in Luzon, their services are the easiest if the desired delivery is only within that area.

VehicleBase PriceRate per km
Pickup Truck₱1,950₱50
Closed Van₱1,875 ₱45
Reefer Truck₱2,700₱50
Long Pickup Truck₱4,850₱70
10W Wing Van₱7,500₱85
6w Fwd Truck₱4,850₱50
Mini Dump Truck₱1,500₱40

So, if you’re looking for the largest logistics company that can give you the best transport technology and the latest logistics approach, you visit the website of Transportify. You may also download their application by clicking the button below:

Largest Logistics Company for Freight Services 2GoUPSFedExand Transportify


LB Approved FedEx

FedEx is committed to delivering reliable, fast, and cost-effective logistics solutions to its clients all over the world. Most of their shipments are footwear, food & beverages, fast-moving consumer goods, and retail industries. FedEx is considered as the largest logistics company in the world.

FedEx solutions are better by design. FedEx employs both heuristic models and analytics tools to establish optimum logistics solutions for their customers. FedEx also developed a disaster recovery plan and business continuity to control any anticipated risks. Moreover, they use the best IT systems to give efficiency and visibility from every aspect of their customer’s supply chains. FedEx has the most reliable and well-trained staff to deliver outstanding results to its clients.

Aside from business to business logistics, they are pro-people and environmental. FedEx emphasizes sustainable practices and safety at all times. FedEx focuses more on warehousing and distribution management services; they cater to more than 400 brands worldwide for shipments and deliveries. Refer to the table below for a quick guide on FedEx International shipping delivery service rate per kg.

Weight (kg)China (South),
Hong Kong,
China (Excluding
China South),
New Zealand,
U.S. (Western
21 – 44₱357₱431₱642₱719
45 – 70₱350₱413₱615₱713
71 – 99₱338₱375₱562₱669
100 – 299₱324₱361₱561₱667

So if you’re a brand owner and looking for warehousing and distribution management service, then FedEx would be a good fit for you.

2Go Express

LB Approved 2Go Express

2Go Express is one of the most trusted courier solutions providers in the Philippines; they are also considered as the largest logistics company in the country. 2Go deliver parcels and cargos nationwide and to over 230 destinations worldwide. Aside from its world-class logistics and freight services solutions, 2Go has also created a process that can be customized to specific requirements depending on your business needs. But they are mostly known for their air/sea transport services, and both domestic and international delivery. With years of experience for delivering parcels and cargo, you can ensure that your shipment will arrive at its desired location promptly.

2Go Express has 700 outlets nationwide that provide express delivery services, money remittance services, freight services, airline, and sea travel ticketing services to its customers. Aside from these, 2Go Express also offers same-day delivery, mailroom solutions, LCL supreme, LCL regular, and rolling cargo assist. Below is a quick reference for 2Go’s boxed delivery services.

Max Weight3 kg5 kg10 kg20 kg
Dimensions in cm36 x 26 x 1136 x 26 x 1748 x 28 x 2054 x 48 x 30
Serviceable Area₱245₱380₱750₱1,300

So if you’re a business looking for these kinds of services, then 2Go Express could match your needs. But if not, you can opt between Transportify and FedEx.


LB Approved UPS

United Parcel Service (UPS) is a world renowned name for the largest logistics company in the world. They have been operating for 113 years, and they are famous for their next-day delivery service. UPS has been helping most SMEs with the delivery and shipping requirement by giving efficient and fast solutions as well as logistics services through its 4000 branches nationwide.

Aside from these, UPS also offers trucking, parcel, and document shipping services to their clients. UPS is well-known for delivering small packages such as documents, letters, and parcels. Mostly, their clients are small business owners who ship small products that can fit in their regular letter plastics.

UPS is a proud express delivery company that can deliver any parcels and documents the next day without hassle. Over the past six decades, UPS built itself as the largest logistics company in the Philippines. The UPS vision is to become the leading courier and logistics companies worldwide. However, with the current logistics competition in the country today, when it comes to technology, UPS is a company you can rely on. Below is the quick table of UPS International packages starting rates. 


Weight (kg)

Zone 1

Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Singapore

Zone 2

Thailand and Vietnam

Zone 5

United States

Zone 6

United Kingdom

.5 – 5₱1,625₱2,220₱3,515₱3,475
5.5 – 10₱3,885₱4,360₱8,625₱10,170
10.5 – 15₱5,635₱6,250₱12,810₱17,512
15.5 – 20₱6,615₱7,855₱6,310₱21,035

Whether you’re a small or big business owner looking for a reliable express freight delivery service, UPS could be the perfect match for you. However, if you’re looking for a more personalized and updated delivery service, you can opt for local trucking services. Although much more expensive, you’ll get the best services for their value.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Among these 4 logistics service providers, who can deliver the shipment faster?
The answer is it depends. All of these logistics service providers have their own weaknesses and strengths when it comes to deliveries. Moreover, they have different factors for shipments; it includes the location, size of the vehicle, and the volume of the goods.

2. Who can provide better freight services?

There are tons of logistics companies in the Philippines today. Some are just a start-up but paving its way for a specific service; others are already well-established and can give you outstanding services. But if you want a particular logistics solution, you should need to be clear what kind of service your business should need. From this, you can narrow down your list of which logistics company can match your business requirements.