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UPS | A Global Shipping and Parcel Service Company

By Cat Dewinta - November 14, 2020

UPS | A Global Shipping and Parcel Service Company

Shipping is considered to be the lifeblood of the global economy. Most countries are relying on intercontinental trade with raw materials and exporting finished goods. Without the shipping and container industry, manufactured goods would not be possible to happen in other countries.

There are a lot of merchant leaders when it comes to trading internationally using cargo and parcel service. Succeeding in this line of business can be very difficult since most countries have a unique set of requirements or regulations that shall be imposed on goods and services coming from other locations. But today, global shipping services have been made very accessible by various companies by introducing a new way of handling services, battling high costs, and ensuring efficient delivery of goods.

Global shipping companies introduced much well-planned distribution strategies that will define your business’s outcome and outline how you move goods and services internationally. With new logistics technology available in the marketplace, this will surely be the next big thing in the industry. It helps to meet various international regulations, cut down logistics costs, and optimize the process in supply chain management.

An example of a company with the right image in global shipping and retail logistics services is United Parcel Service (UPS). They are considered to be one of the leading providers of logistics services worldwide. If you want to know more about this company, explore the article, and get new ideas to help you do business.

About UPS

United Parcel Service was established on August 28, 1907. It started when two teenagers, Claude Ryan and Jim Casey, decided to deliver telegrams to different addresses using a bicycle and a $100 as initial capital. Their company was initially called American Messenger Company, which was run inside a hotel basement in Seattle, Washington.

From their humble beginnings of delivering telegrams using a bicycle, they managed to land with a merging agreement with their rival Merchant’s Parcel delivery. After that agreement, they managed to work together and acquired motorcycles and delivery vehicles.

In 1962, by the time Casey retired from working in UPS, the company had grown up to become one of the leading parcel service providers operating in 31 US States and with annual revenue of above $500 million and more than 22,000 workers.

Since its establishment, UPS or United Parcel Service have consistently improved their service by experimenting with new logistics solutions like “The UPS Store” and logistics technology applications like the well-known method of American Drone Deliveries. Today, UPS is operating in more than 200 countries and consistently dominating territorial expansion to uplift their services.

Global Shipping and Logistics Services

United Parcel Service has a variety of available services relevant to the modern shipping and logistics industry. Some of the services they offer include retail delivery services, parcel service, international or global shipping, and contract logistics. With the new technology, they can streamline processes and apply sustainable goals in their business operations. Here are some of the outstanding services that make UPS one of the leading players in the logistics marketplace.

1. Parcel and Freight Services

Parcel and freight services are indeed the company’s service highlight since this is where they’ve started growing the company. United Parcel Service offers broad shipping solutions that make their customers ahead of the competition for freight and parcel deliveries. With their large service area spanning into more than 200 countries and territories, you’ll surely get a logistical and competitive advantage from availing of this service.

If you are a business who is interested in availing the services of UPS, you may choose either of the following:

  • Low Volume or Occasional Shipping – It offers multiple shipments, an intuitive interface via UPS technology, and live shipping updates for partner merchants. This is usually used for online shipping services.
  • Volume Shipping – It offers automation in large scale shipping from package to LTL to air freight services. This option enables you to process shipment efficiently, remain compliant, and reduce costly errors.

Both of these services are accessible to any kind of business. This option is best for a company that plans to expand their market and reach more customers in different countries and territories.

2. Global Shipping Services and Solutions

UPS’s global shipping services enables individual customers and businesses to reach international markets with full confidence. As most demand comes from across borders, a company should consider penetrating a new market of individuals that can be served by their products. Partnering with a reliable global shipping provider will help a business, small or large, capitalize on global demand and earn more profit.

3. Contract Logistics

Contract logistics is mostly used by companies that require large scale and long-distance deliveries. Contract logistics require handling from the point of production to the final point of sale. It is not simply moving goods from one location to another, but it is more comprehensive, merging traditional logistics with supply chain processes.

In the Philippines, most contract logistics clients are coming from Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCGs), electronics, and other companies that require large deliveries. UPS is one of the leaders in contract logistics in the Philippines because of the sophisticated technology that gives them a logistics advantage over their competitors.

Other Logistics Players in the Philippine Market

Since handling logistics is a very tedious task, you should also be aware of other logistics services that can be a huge help in your business. Here are some of the logistics services that may benefit your business operations:

On-demand Logistics

Technology paved the way for new logistics players in the market. On-demand logistics are providers that offer logistics services without actually binding you into contracts. Most on-demand logistics and freight company have an application that enables customers to book logistics services. Examples of this type of company are Lalamove and Transportify. These logistics providers are well known for their excellent service and low cost.

If you are a business that requires small parcel service, you may use the motorcycle option of Lalamove. But if you are looking for a provider that offers a wide range of vehicles that will fit different business requirements, you may avail of the services of Transportify.

Container Shipping Services

Leading companies in the Philippines prefer to have contract logistics partners for the distribution of their products. Some of the players in container shipping are DHL Supply Chain, LF Logistics, and Maersk Line. They are well known for bulk transportation and moving goods in containers in the Philippines and other countries.

Last-mile Logistics

Last-mile logistics is very important to businesses since it has a direct impact on the quality of service. Your provider should be a reliable partner that helps your business utilize delays in deliveries and improve customer satisfaction. That is why it is essential to examine your logistics provider before availing of their services. Some of the well-known last-mile app-based delivery providers in the Philippines are Black Arrow Express, Transportify, Lalamove, MrSpeedy, Move IT, and Ninja Van.

Logistics is an essential part of a business. It does not only cover deliveries, but it connects your products to the market. Remember to prioritize the things that will benefit your business’s growth and open doors of opportunities in the market. If you want to explore more about our editorials, you may visit our website. It will surely help you understand logistics and how it can transform your operations.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a global shipping company help a business grow?

A global shipping company can help a business grow by giving them the chance to explore new markets that its products can serve. This will pave the way for exploring opportunities to capitalize on the global market.

2.Aside from UPS, what are the leading logistics providers for parcel service?

Although UPS is considered a global leader, each country has its parcel delivery version. For example, in the Philippines, LBC is the leading player who offers point-to-point parcel service to different country locations. There are also on-demand logistics providers like Transportify and Lalamove that provide same day delivery, making parcel delivery very efficient, especially to those businesses that require express services for their products.