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List of App based Delivery Services: Transportify, Lalamove, Move It, MrSpeedy, Black Arrow Express

By Cat Dewinta - September 29, 2020

List of App based Delivery Service

According to, a provider of market and consumer data, around 3.5 billion people in the world own a smartphone. It is no surprise that consumer behavior is now tending towards online purchases or “e-shopping.” If you want to buy a new laptop, people’s growing tendency is to check online stores that sell laptops, purchase them there, and wait for the product to be delivered.

However, it is not only in the retail sector, where there is a jump in online transactions. Services, such as logistics providers, are also utilizing mobile and web applications to get customers. Instead of the traditional office set up where deliveries are scheduled through phone calls or meetups, bookings of an app based delivery service company can be made anywhere and anytime by just using your mobile phone or laptop.

This blog will discuss five app based delivery providers: Transportify, Lalamove, Move It, MrSpeedy, and Black Arrow Express.

List of App-based Delivery Service Providers

Move IT


Move IT Rating

Established in the Philippines, Move IT is a commercial mobile app that enables booking on-demand services between individual customers and businesses using a hassle-free platform. Move IT’s available services include Parcel pick-up and delivery services, Food delivery service, Buy for me – Pabili service, and a MotoTaxi ride-hailing service. Today, Move IT is servicing cities within Metro Manila and its adjacent towns. The company also has a huge parcel delivery and other on-demand services, which will be available to the public soon.

Here are some service highlights of Move IT:

  • Parcel & Pabili
  • Cargo Pick-up and Delivery
  • MotoTaxi
  • Cloud Mall

Due to the fast evolution of technology, app based delivery services and on-demand services are opening big opportunities for industry players. Startup companies like Move IT disrupts the current market with new-to-the-world services for consumers and end-users. Move IT’s customer-centric mindset became the edge of other delivery providers in the market. This is why Move IT landed on the list of the most popular app based delivery services.



Move IT is an innovative app based delivery service provider with great features. We recommend their MotoTaxi service where a motorbike driver functions both as a courier delivery vehicle and a motorcycle taxi. Move IT is also a great app to use for “Pabili” services. Access more information about Move IT on their website.



Transportify Rating

Transportify, a logistics marketplace powered by web and mobile app technology, was launched in Thailand last 2015. Transportify quickly established itself as an excellent app based delivery service provider and began launching in countries across Southeast Asia like Indonesia and the Philippines. With plenty of app based features, Transportify is positioned to be a top app based delivery company. Furthermore, it offers a wide variety of vehicle class from economy class sedans to mini dump trucks and ten wheeler wing vans.

Since it is an app based delivery service provider, a customer needs a mobile device or a computer to make a booking. Here are the app based services of Transportify:

  • 24/7 Customer service support
  • Real-time monitoring of your delivery
  • Chat with driver
  • Pre-payments for bookings and cash on delivery
  • Shopping Services

These innovative services from Transportify offers individual customers and clients excellent and hassle free third party logistics solutions.



A must for businesses. Transportify is known to cater big businesses in the Philippines. They are the top of mind when it comes to trucking logistics in providing one of the best services. Download the Transportify app using the button below or explore the Transportify website to learn more about their modern trucking and logistics services.



MrSpeedy Rating

MrSpeedy is a startup app based delivery service company headed by its 30-year old Country Manager, Mr. Jason Gaguan. The company started back in a small unit in Katipunan with its personal goal to empower small Filipino entrepreneurs to dominate the market. MrSpeedy believes that their pricing strategy can help fellow entrepreneurs to achieve economies of scale.

Today, MrSpeedy penetrates the market in key cities of Metro Manila with their delivery service and pricing strategy of P60 base price + P6 per succeeding KM. Their delivery options include the following:

  • MrSpeedy Pick-up and Deliver (Motorbike delivery)
  • MrSpeedy Pick-up and Deliver (Car delivery)
  • MrSpeedy Pick-up and Deliver (Trucks) – for business clients only

These last mile delivery options of MrSpeedy are both available on ASAP (immediate) and Flexible time (Scheduled).

The price competitiveness and reliability of MrSpeedy puts them on the list of leading app based delivery providers in the Philippine market. A company with a continuously growing fleet, strategic pricing, and a great mindset to build a healthy ecosystem will dominate the market in the future.


OUR RECOMMENDATION: If you want quick and affordable courier delivery of your parcel and small packages, then MrSpeedy is the right choice for you. They excel in same day motorbike deliveries of food and essential documents. Visit the MrSpeedy website for more information.



Lalamove Rating

Lalamove is an app based delivery service company that was established in Hong Kong last 2013. Today, Lalamove is present in 21 cities worldwide, such as Manila, Cebu, Bangkok, Mumbai, and Mexico City. It offers a wide array of vehicles, from motorcycles for courier services to delivery trucks for cargo logistics. In Metro Manila, Lalamove services nearby provinces such as Rizal, Bulacan, and Laguna.

Lalamove is a great app based delivery service company that can fulfill your delivery needs, such as transporting parcels and documents over a motorbike to delivering small appliances via cargo trucks. Here are some of the Lalamove app based services:

  • Lalamove Grocery delivery
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Purchase Service

These delivery solutions from Lalamove makes it a great company in the logistics industry.



For small parcel deliveries, Lalamove is your safest choice. With thousands of motorbike riders across Metro Manila and Metro Cebu, it’s hard to compete with them. Similar services include Grab Express, Angkas — which recently pivoted into deliveries, and Mr. Speedy. Cheap and fast, their “Pabili” service is pretty awesome too. Lalamove Philippines’ website contains more information about their services. Visit it to learn more.

Black Arrow Express


Black Arrow Rating

Black Arrow Express is a last-mile and consumer delivery firm that launched its app based delivery in the marketplace. Black Arrow Express considered itself the fastest-growing homegrown express courier service as it offers reliable and premium delivery services for its customers and business clients. Black Arrow Express is under the AAI Group of Companies’ supervision, which specializes in different logistics solutions today.

Black Arrow Express have different services available to their customers and client businesses. This includes e-commerce fulfillment with a focus on order-to-end processing, express next-day deliveries, warehousing, distribution, freight forwarding, and special project cargo handling.

Black Arrow Express’ mobile application includes different options for easy booking in the Philippines. Here are some of the available services for the market:

  • BAExpress (Motorcycle delivery)
  • Black Arrow Express Trucking – for business clients
  • Black Arrow Express Warehouse Services – for business clients

Black Arrow Express’ corporate mindset lands them to the leading app based delivery service in the Philippines. Since 2016, they’ve been disrupting the industry with unique logistics solutions for businesses.

OUR RECOMMENDATION: For excellent last mile delivery services, Black Arrow Express is a great choice. They have a large fleet of motorcycle delivery vehicles which can provide fast transportation of your small packages. For larger cargo, they offer trucking services to their business clients. Explore the website to Black Arrow Express and assess whether they are the right provider for your business.

Comparison of Services and Vehicle Types

Modern technology brings significant improvement in advanced logistics solutions. Startups are beginning to disrupt the industry with new-to-the-world services which are not explored in the past by traditional logistics providers. To give you a better understanding and compare the current services and available fleet of these app based delivery service providers, please refer to the tables below:

Comparison of Vehicles

Move ITYesYesYesYes
Black Arrow ExpressYesNoneNoneYes

On this table, you will see what the available vehicles for delivery service are. Each company features its fleet of vehicles for its individual customers and client business requirements.

Comparison of Services

CompaniesCash on DeliveryAdditional HelperPurchase ServiceMultiple Drop-offsProvincial Delivery
Move ITYesNoneYesYesNone
Black Arrow ExpressYesNoneNoneNoneNone

The table above shows a summary of the different app based delivery service companies and their in-app services.


From the data gathered, you can see that there are different unique services and vehicles that these companies provide to the market. Lalamove, MrSpeedy, and Black Arrow Express are more inclined to use motorcycles for deliveries. Large scale, bulky and fragile deliveries are best handled by Transportify and Move IT. If you compare the services they offer, you’ll see that only Transportify and Lalamove provide deliveries outside Metro Manila. These providers are best for businesses that aim to expand their distribution network to other provinces in the Philippines.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I look for rates and pricing for these app based delivery service providers?

To know more about the pricing of services of these leading app based delivery service providers, you may download their app on Google Play and Apple App Store. Transportify and Mr. Speedy both have an available web app for bookings using personal computers. You may also access the website of Transportify, Lalamove, Move IT, MrSpeedy, and Black Arrow Express for more information about their pricing and services.

2. What are the advantages of using an app based delivery service?

App based delivery services disrupt the logistics industry by allowing individual clients and businesses to make bookings by using a mobile device or a computer. The main advantage of using an app based delivery is the convenience it provides by allowing you to book anywhere. There is no need to make a trip to the logistics company’s office. Built in-app features such as customer service chat and real-time monitoring of your delivery are significant advantages when using an app based delivery company.