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Top B2B Logistics Companies: LF Logistics, F2, Transportify, Infinity, Ernest

Author Cat Dewinta - Updated on January 10, 2021

Top B2B Logistics Companies: LF Logistics, F2, Transportify, Infinity, Ernest

As companies grow from nationwide delivery to global shipping, the way that they run their business becomes increasingly more complicated. The world’s economy is always on the move which means that the rules and regulations of each country can change at the drop of a hat. This is why many businesses turn to a B2B logistics company for assistance. Rather than bogging yourself down with yet even more paperwork and effort, you can leave the complicated negotiations and supply chain to the professional B2B logistics companies in the Philippines. That way, you can focus on doing the best for your business.

The fact is, B2B logistics companies build and maintain solid relationships with shipping agents and then share these perks with your business. Advantages such as speed, efficiency, and overall quality of service are the key metrics of top B2B logistics companies in the Philippines namely LF Logistics, F2 Logistics, Transportify, Infinity Logistics, and Ernest Logistics. Our editorial team prepared a brief introduction, services offered, and benefits of partnering with these companies. Learn more about how it can benefit your company.

Top B2B Logistics Companies

Business to Business (B2B) logistics is a type of service that involves single or multiple commercial transactions between two businesses. These companies offer a broad range of logistics services and product distribution channels that enable easy transportation of goods and services to a business customer. Here are some of the leading business to business logistics companies in the Philippines.


LF Logistics


B2B LF Logistics

LF Logistics is a logistics company that works under the umbrella group of the known Li & Fung Company. LF Logistics is one of the leading Business to Business logistics companies in the Philippines. With their different industry approach, LF Logistics has easily penetrated other regions such as China, ASEAN Region, Middle East, Japan, and Korea. Their vast distribution network is a good match for the economically active and culturally diverse territories and regions they currently provide.

LF Logistics is a change leader in supply chain management. LF Logistics applies different analytics tools, models, and design solutions to help its clients integrate their distribution network. This is a big reason why they are considered one of the top B2B logistics companies in the Philippines.

LF Logistics is employing these services for their business customers:

  • Freight Forwarding
  • Hubbing
  • DC and Transport Management
  • OM Services
  • Omni-channel Services, and;
  • Other LF Logistics Value-added Services

If you are interested in availing of their services, you may refer to the LF Logistics website.

F2 Logistics

f2 logistics logo

B2B F2 Logistics

F2 Logistics started serving business as a B2B logistics service ten years ago. It was founded by Mr. Efren Uy, which started F2 Logistics as a premier domestic forwarding service for business. F2 Logistics continued to expand to serve more business with innovative logistics solutions using cost-effective and diverse logistics methodologies.

Since its establishment, F2 Logistics has remained honest with its commitment to providing the best quality logistics services and solutions to its customers. F2 Logistics is considered one of the leading logistics companies in the Philippines.

Here are some of the services that F2 Logistics offer as a B2B logistics provider:

  • Domestic and International Forwarding
  • Land Transportation
  • F2 Logistics Cold Chain Services
  • Customs Brokerage
  • Project Cargo Handling, and;
  • F2 Logistics Warehousing

Explore the F2 Logistics website if you are interested in their services.


transportify logo

B2B Transportify

Transportify is an on-demand trucking company that offers a wide range of logistics services, enabling individuals to book deliveries using their mobile phones or web application. Transportify was launched in Thailand last 2015 and soon established more offices in other ASEAN countries like Indonesia and the Philippines.

Transportify highlights a wide range of services that can help different types of customers with their logistics needs. They are considered one of the top B2B logistics companies in the Philippines because of their affordable services and revolutionary logistics solutions.

In the Philippines, Transportify covers deliveries anywhere in Luzon for both businesses and individual customers. In just a few clicks, you can already schedule your deliveries to business customers. Here are the services that Transportify offer to their B2B customers:

  • Pre-Scheduled Deliveries
  • Multiple delivery destinations
  • Transportify Inbound logistics
  • Transportify Outbound logistics
  • Transportify Reverse logistics
  • Same Day delivery

If you want to learn more about the rates and services of Transportify, kindly visit their website or click the button below to download their app.

Infinity Logistics

infinity logistics

B2B Infinity Logistics

Infinity Logistics is a leading logistics company that is offering B2B freight forwarding services since 2005. Infinity Logistics is also a DTI accredited international freight forwarding company that can handle importation and exportation services of raw materials and finished goods from your suppliers or other business customers. Infinity Logistics is partnered with global brands that bring cargo to different parts of Southeast Asia and other countries.

In the Philippines, Infinity Logistics is also a well-known trucking company that provides B2B logistics services to leading brands and companies. Here are some of the services that your business can avail of from Infinity Logistics:

  • Airfreight
  • Sea Freight
  • Infinity Logistics Truck Shipping
  • Infinity Logistics Import and Export Assistance
  • Infinity Logistics Customs Clearance
  • Flexible Shipping Schedule

They take pride in providing high-quality solutions to any transportation requirements. Their commitment and dedication solidify their position as one of the leading logistics companies in the Philippines for B2B deliveries. Learn more about their services by exploring the Infinity Logistics website.

Ernest Logistics

ernest logo

B2B Ernest Logistics

Ernest Logistics was founded in 2009. They offer a wide variety of B2B logistics services such as trucking, freight services, and freight management. Business customers can quickly move raw materials and finished goods from one place to another. Ernest Logistics allows its B2B customers to transport its products around the Philippines.

The primary services of Ernest Logistics are the following:

  • Ernest Logistics: Containerized Hauling and Trucking
  • Ernest Logistics: Full Container Load (FCL)
  • Ernest Logistics: Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Ernest Logistics: Domestic Air Freight Solutions

If you are interested in availing of the business to business logistics services of Ernest Logistics, you may refer to their website.

Choosing your B2B Logistics Provider

It is a very crucial task to assess the right partner for Business Business logistics services. But our editorial team prepared some key points that may help you choose the best partner for your business.

1. Less Stress and Peace of Mind

Choose a Business to Business logistics provider that will give you peace of mind. Handling deliveries by yourself is a very tedious task. A reliable B2B delivery partner will ensure that you won’t suffer any hassle in logistics management. With continued success, you should be enjoying the fruits of your labor, as opposed to losing sleep over-complicated technicalities.

2. Cost Savings

Choose a B2B logistics provider that can offer affordable rates with excellent services. It is important that a company maximizes the use of its logistics partner in order to reach more customers and grow the business.
Furthermore, by outsourcing this aspect of your business, you won’t need to pay in-house staff to handle it or bog yourself down with too many extra responsibilities. Therefore, you will all be able to focus on other money-generating areas of the business.

3. Flexibility

In the world of shipping and logistics, nothing is guaranteed. Schedules & routes can be affected by weather, traffic, and government regulations. However, the good thing about partnering with a reliable provider is that they can adapt to these situations and find the best possible solution.

There are a lot of things waiting for your business if you choose the right provider. If you want to take your business to the next level and explore more details about logistics, you may read other articles and assess companies that will fit your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can handle deliveries faster among these B2B logistics providers?

The answer to this question is it depends. All of these B2B logistics service providers have their strengths and weaknesses in the delivery of goods to customers. Also, they have different factors for deliveries; it includes the location, vehicle size, and the volume of the goods.

2. Among these logistics companies in the Philippines, who is the leading business to business logistics provider?

There are tons of business to business logistics companies in the Philippines today. Our team listed the most prominent companies to narrow down the list for you. All of the information written in this article is based on what we have gathered during our research. Other B2B delivery companies in the market can also provide high-quality logistics services to meet your business requirements. Choosing your provider depends upon your location, vehicle preferences, conditions, and delivery needs.