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Top 10 Logistics Companies: Black Arrow, ABest, Ninja Van, Fastrack, Transportify, Infinity, Ernest, CNT Worldwide, Excelsior, UPS

By Cat Dewinta - August 09, 2020

Top 10 Logistics Companies: Black Arrow, ABest, Ninja Van, Fastrack, Transportify, Infinity, Ernest, CNT Worldwide, Excelsior, UPS

As we go through the second half of 2021, our Logisticsbid team returns with the top picks for logistics companies in the Philippines. From over a hundred logistics companies to choose from, it was difficult to pick just 10. These companies are chosen based on recommendations of SMEs and big companies. Trust our editorial team to give you details about the top 10 logistics companies here in the Philippines. We divided our top 10 logistics companies into three different groups namely; courier, trucking, and international freight forwarding.

Top Courier Services

1. ABest Express


ABest Express is a courier company started in 1990. As of today, ABest is present with over 100 branches nationwide. What made ABest part of the top 10 logistics companies is their affordability compared to the excellence of their services. ABest is proven to be a beloved courier service partner by SMEs all over the country. ABest has a wide range of products for you to choose from:

  • ABest Pouch (for Documents)
  • ABest Parcel
  • ABest Box
  • and ABest Cargo.

ABest is not your ordinary express courier service. For a tried and trusted courier service, ABest Express is your best choice.

2. Black Arrow Express

black arrow

Black Arrow Express started disrupting the logistics marketplace in 2016. This company is under AAI Group of Companies which specializes on the big spectrum of full logistics service such as cargo handling, air and sea freight, domestic movement and many more. Today, Black Arrow Express is focused on continuous quality improvement and optimization in their business operations. This is a great consideration on why Black Arrow Express became part of the top 10 logistics companies in the Philippines. Black Arrow Express have different services offered to their customers. This includes:

  • E-commerce fulfillment with focus on order-to-end processing
  • Express Next-day Deliveries via Black Arrow Express’ fleet
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution
  • Freight forwarding
  • Special Project Cargo Handling.

As more and more services adapt in the advancement of technology, Black Arrow Express is one of the first companies to bring logistics with the help of mobile applications. As Black Arrow Express continues to expand to more cities across the country, we will expect more on Black Arrow Express as they continue to secure their place in the logistics and shipping industry.

3. Ninja Van

ninja van

Ninja Van, a last-mile delivery service and cross border 3PL company, provides technology based solutions for customers to get their purchased items right at their doorstep. Founded in 2014, Ninja Van has grown in the SouthEast Asian region and includes countries like the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. In the Philippines, Ninja Van offers the following services:

  • Standard Delivery
  • Next-day Delivery
  • Returns
  • SME and Enterprise Custom Services

Ninja Van’s Standard Delivery usually takes 1 to 3 working days for Metro Manila locations and the Next day delivery option is only available for areas in Metro Manila and Greater Manila Area (GMA). For the Return option, the item is acquired from the customer and delivered to the Ninja Van’s warehouse or repair center. Online shops selling goods use Ninja Van to deliver usual items like furniture, electronics and clothing. However, items that exceed 30kg in weight, Pets and live animals and toxic substances are not permitted for transport by Ninja Van. Currently, service areas of Ninja Van include Metro Manila, Greater Manila Area (Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna and Rizal) and major cities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Top Trucking Services

4. Transportify

transportify logo

Transportify is a logistics marketplace powered by a mobile app. Transportify allows businesses to manage the transportation of their goods and supplies. This makes Transportify very easy and efficient to use. You can even use the Transportify app for personal deliveries. The Transportify trucking fleet is composed of small city cars, to L300 vans, closed utility vans, pickup trucks, and even a wing van. Providing you a wide range of choice that is fit for your personal or business needs. Transportify is famous for its high tech mobile application. Aside from its notable FTL services, Transportify is also known for their:

  • Business program
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Mobile and Web application
  • Competitive pricing
  • Live tracking
  • Same day delivery and Scheduled Booking

Transportify continuously innovates their application to provide the most high tech logistics service available in the market today. This proves that Transportify deserves to be in our list of top 10 logistics companies in the Philippines. Visit Transportify website to know more information about their logistics solutions. You may also try their application by clicking the button below:

5. Ernest Logistics

ernest logo

Founded in 2009, Ernest Logistics Service is a trucking, freight management and domestic forwarding company. Ernest Logistics’ main focus is the freight management solutions which allows businesses to transport its goods around the Philippines. These are the main services of Ernest Logistics:

Ernest Logistics’ FCL refers to general cargoes which can fully load a container van with varying dimensions. For cargoes that can not fill up a container van, then the Ernest Logistics LCL is the right choice. Loose Cargoes refer to large items that can not fit container vans. Ernest Logistics also offers services for automobiles and other moving equipment, clients may avail the Rolling Cargoes service. And for moving cargoes across long distances that require speed, the Domestic Air freight of Ernest Logistics may be the solution you need. For all its services, Ernest Logistics offers Door to Door and Pier to Pier options for its clients.

Top International Freight Forwarding

6. Infinity Logistics

infinity logistics

Infinity Logistics Philippines is a DTI accredited freight forwarder formed in 2005. Infinity Logistics started as a Licensed International Freight Forwarder. Their exceptional service made Infinity Logistics a trusted partner by global brands to bring cargo in Southeast Asia Infinity Logistics is now known as one of the biggest trucking companies in the Philippines. Infinity Logistics continues to expand in terms of coverage of their services. Infinity’s core services include:

  • Airfreight
  • Sea Freight
  • Truck Shipping
  • Import and Export Assistance
  • Customs Clearance
  • Flexible Shipping Schedule

Infinity logistics take pride in providing solutions to any transportation needs. We expect Infinity Logistics to reach more destinations and help the country grow the global trade. This solidifies their position as one of the top 10 logistics companies in the Philippines.

7. Fast Logistics

fast logistics logo

Born on December 7, 1914, William L. Chiongbian had a dream of owning a ship. This dream came to fruition at the end of the Second World War where he established William L. Chiongbian Shipping and had one ship named after his father, MV Victoriano. Fast forward to several years in the future, the shipping company of William Chiongbian evolved to become a key player in the Philippine’s Logistics landscape.

Fast Logistics offers a wide range of services to its customers such as Freight forwarding via Air, Land and Sea, Warehouse management and Supply Chain consultancy. The parent company, Fast Logistics, has several branches namely FastCargo Logistics, Fast Unimerchants, Fast Distribution, Fast Toll Manufacturing and Fast Services. All over the Philippines, Fast Logistics has over 90 Warehouses, more than 2,800 Inland fleet and carries over 1,700 tons of Air Freight per year. Here is a list of Fast Logistics Transport solutions:

  • Multimodal Transport (Land, Air, Sea)
  • Cross Dock Facility Operations
  • Specialized Logistics
  • Customized Transport
  • Import-Export Services

Fast Logistics boasts more than 50 offices all over the Philippines to support its operations. For large clients, Fast Logistics offers Distribution solutions wherein a client’s current distribution network is analyzed in order to achieve an optimal delivery system.

8. UPS


Tracing back the company’s history, United Parcel Service (UPS) started in 1907 in the US. In the early years of operations, UPS ran their errands using bicycles in delivering parcels and mails within its geographical location. They have consistently improved their service by experimenting on new logistics solutions and dominating territorial expansion to uplift their services. Today, UPS has been penetrating the market with modern technology such as drone deliveries that helps businesses to connect with their customers.

UPS has a variety of services available today to satisfy the evolution in the industry. Some of the services they offer are:

  • Shipping
  • Tracking of UPS parcels
  • Online billing using UPS Technology
  • International Shipping on a variety of package options
  • Contract logistics
  • Streamlining processes with UPS Methodologies and;
  • Application of sustainable goals on UPS Operations.

As one of the pioneers in logistics, UPS remains to fulfill every customer’s needs and connects industries and business by introducing a modern approach to their fleet operations. These are the key points how United Parcel Service (UPS) landed on the top 10 logistics companies today.

9. CNT Worldwide Transport

cnt worldwide

Founded in 1991, CNT Worldwide Transport has been dominating the logistics industry with their innovative, comprehensive and personalized transportation service. Quality and innovation in cargo delivery service solutions is their business focus. CNT Worldwide Transport is known for their reliable cargo shipment in the US in the early 90’s. CNT Worldwide Transport is part of the umbrella organization with diversified businesses interests mainly focused in manufacturing, trade, real estate, stocks and mining. CNT Worldwide Transport started as a small freight servicing company entering the saturated market of the cargo industry. CNT Worldwide Transport’s services include:

  • International freight forwarding services
  • Export services
  • Import services
  • LCL and FCL services
  • Air & Ocean Consolidation services
  • Customs Clearance Service
  • Distribution Service
  • Cargo Handling Service, and;
  • Problem Solution Management

Many customers have seen the potential in CNT Worldwide Transport as their logistics solutions partner. This is the reason why CNT Worldwide Transport is part of the top 10 logistics companies’ list. CNT Worldwide Transport is known for their reliable cargo shipment in the US in the early 90’s. CNT Worldwide Transport continues to be a trusted name among international brands to provide the best and safest freight transport services.

10. Excelsior Logistics

excelsior logo

Excelsior Logistics’ 15 years of success in the logistics industry is built from trust and strategic mindset. The focus of the company is to give the best possible options in optimizing their resources. The company is operating on their framework of Good-to-Great which emphasizes the importance of providing exceptional service to their customers. Excelsior Logistics is one of the most preferred companies in the industry. This is how our team considered Excelsior Logistics to be part of the top 10 logistics companies here in the Philippines.

For Excelsior Logistics’ services:

International Freight Forwarding – Excelsior Logistics acts as the shipping agent in facilitating cargo from origin to destination. Excelsior Logistics has a global network in over 16 countries and has an efficient partnership with different carriers. Excelsior Logistics is considering International Freight Forwarding as their key strength as a company.
NVOCC – Excelsior Logistics is a registered company that facilitates client’s shipments. In the last 15 years, Excelsior Logistics was able to establish a wide-ranging link of ocean freight worldwide.

With Excelsior Logistics, you can be sure that your business is provided with exceptional services.