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The Role of Logistics in Supporting Local Businesses

By Cat Dewinta - February 07, 2021

The Role of Logistics in Supporting Local Businesses

The role of small businesses and enterprises is essential for a developing economy. By choosing local products and patronizing small businesses, you do not just have a convenient shopping experience; you are also contributing to nation-building.

According to the UN International Council for Small Business data, MSMEs make up about 90 percent of the total employment and 50 percent of the GDP of a particular country. They also recognize the importance of these enterprises, which employ fewer than 250 employees, as the backbone of most economies worldwide and have a crucial role in continuously improving countries.

The COVID-19 Pandemic hits these businesses hardest. The economic fall-out brought by the pandemic and unprecedented lockdown measures has resulted in disruptions in the supply chain.

In the Philippines, MSMEs are greatly affected by the sudden fall of the economy leaving many people jobless. That is why many organizations and groups are urging the public to continue to support local businesses by availing products from them to lessen the impact of the pandemic on their business operations.

We all know that the role of logistics is the most challenging element of a business. The stress of moving products from one place to another is not as easy as it looks. With the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of logistics played a big part in the unhampered movement of goods from different companies, including local businesses. Most of these logistics companies, especially on-demand logistics services, made a more viable option for small enterprises and big companies by keeping their promises of providing low-cost yet high-quality products and services.

Work with Reliable Third-Party Logistics

Partnering with a reliable logistics company ensures that products are being handled well and safely arrive at the customer’s doorstep. A local business can continue to strive harder in the market as long as they provide the best products and services alongside efficient operations that can ease problems in the supply chain and distribution.

A reliable supply chain and logistics partner will make sure that customers will receive the best service possible and serve as a door in creating more opportunities for the continuous growth of the business.

Improve Efficiency with Logistics Technology

Technology helps small and medium-sized businesses by improving operational efficiency and intelligently managing the distribution. App-based delivery is well-known in MSMEs because of its low price and high-quality delivery services. Small business owners can ensure that the growth opportunities are more achievable with these logistics innovations, especially with the pandemic.

Create More Customer Value with Logistics

Creating more customer value does not only refer to the number of deliveries. It also means making your business available to everyone. A small business can make products available by improving logistics and relying on the best partners in moving goods to customers. The role of logistics increases is to make more value as it ensures that products will always be delivered on time and in good condition.

Let us help small businesses to survive the effects of the pandemic. Every purchase of a local product will help a hardworking entrepreneur to stay this trying time. Patronizing locally made products will help protect employment in a country and make an impact on the economy of the country.