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Freight Forwarding Service: Royal Cargo, Yusen Logistics, and Transportify [2024]

By Cat Dewinta - June 08, 2020

royal cargo vs transportify vs yusen logistics

In this article, our editorial team has conducted in-depth research regarding which freight forwarding service companies in the Philippines are the best according to the top qualities to look for in a logistics service provider. There are thousands of freight companies that operate nationwide; however, choosing which companies to meet your business shipping requirements is not an easy task.

Freight forwarding services in the Philippines are firms that focus on arranging shipping and storage of cargos and merchandise for their customers. These best freight companies give a variety of services like freight consolidation, booking cargo space, preparation of shipping, tracking inland transportation, importing and exporting documents, negotiating freight charges, shipment insurance, warehousing, and filing of insurance claims. These services are just a few samples, other companies don’t have these, but some are following these protocols.

For businesses, their chosen logistics company will also reflect the way on how they served their customers. That’s why selecting the best freight companies can provide businesses the benefits of enhancing the supply chain, inventory management, and customer satisfaction.

To help you decide which freight forwarding services you should pick, let’s take a look at what qualities are needed to look for best freight forwarding services in the Philippines before jumping on the comparison of which companies are the best.

In order to fulfill your business shipping needs, you are required to hire the best freight companies on your list. To help you find the ideal logistics partner, below are the top qualities that you should look for the best forwarding companies in the Philippines.

1. Highly Skilled and Organized

The best freight companies should be excellent forwarders in order to give efficient and accurate services to their customers. Because in this kind of business, mistakes can cost you significant expenses. This is the most common reason that a company can’t afford to commit mistakes for documentation or delivery of the freight for the wrong destination. Nonetheless, insurances for these kinds of circumstances, organizing, and processing the requirements for the claim could be senseless and unavailing. As a matter of fact, the only thing you need to be achieved is to deliver your goods correctly and efficiently at once.

2. Accurate Monitoring and Tracking System

When shipping goods from all over the Philippines, it is essential to start an excellent and systematic communication that involves both the forwarder as well as the shipper. Doing this can help you understand the importance of real-time progress or accurate destination of your shipments, giving you the peace of mind and assurance that your freight will be delivered promptly.

3. Provide Insurance Plan

Aside from being highly skilled and organized, and having an accurate monitoring and tracking system, the best freight companies should also offer an insurance plan to its clients. This is to ensure the safety of the deliveries. No matter how careful a freight forwarding service company can be, there are some instances that a company can’t control. It could be a road mishap, accidents, natural disasters such as typhoons, and floods. Thus, providing an insurance plan can give businesses peace of mind that their deliveries will be covered when fortuitous circumstances occur.

We narrow down the list of comparison of the best freight forwarding services in the Philippines into three logistics service providers: Royal Cargo, Transportify, and Yusen Logistics.

Royal Cargo


Royal Cargo Rating
With the tagline of “We deliver as needed,” Royal Cargo has proven its qualities of being efficient and competent during the past few years. Royal Cargo has 40 years of experience in logistics and cargo transportation with its own global network and trusted agents. As one of the best freight companies in the Philippines, Royal Cargos mission is to provide customers the most innovative and diversified logistics solutions for complete customer satisfaction by delivering shipments as needed. Also Royal Cargo upholds integrity, respect, and quality and is an essential characteristic in their company because they believe having these qualities can provide better customer service to their clients.

Through their tools, Royal Cargo is proud to provide an organized service with the help of their performance management strategies. With its impressive investment in facilities, equipment, networks, and systems, Royal Cargo adapts to the changes in technological advancements, logistics industry trends, and market developments. Moreover, they are competent enough to compete with other best freight companies such as Nippon Express, CEVA, DHL etc. by offering cost-effective last mile logistics services. Visit Royal Cargo’s website to learn more about their services.


LB Approved Transportify

When it comes to being highly skilled, organized, monitoring, and insurance plans, Transportify is the #1 for being one of the best freight companies. With the help of the latest technology, Transportify has the latest on-demand delivery app where consumers and its clients can track and monitor the shipments 24/7 and in real-time. Moreover, they also have a systematic customer service and platform where they can answer all the inquiries and questions regarding the shipment’s status and such. In the Philippines, they are one of the pioneers for innovation in logistics. Also, businesses can enjoy worry-free and hassle-free shipping requirements because Transportify offers a business program plan for their future clients where they can have peace of mind about the shipments of their freights and cargos.

Transportify is well-known for the following logistics services:

  • Full-service loading and unloading
  • Full-service pick-up and delivery
  • 24/7 live customer service
  • Real-time tracking of your deliveries
  • Commercial Goods Insurance
  • Free commercial goods insurance
  • Special customer service hotline
  • Post-pay monthly invoicing
  • Service customization to your needs
  • Cheap COD & POD services

If you’re a business owner or an individual that needs logistics solutions that can be backed up with the updated and latest technology, Transportify is the perfect logistics partner for your business. Take time to explore the Transportify website to get more information on how to avail their logistics solutions. You may also download their application by clicking the button below:

Yusen Logistics

Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd is one of the largest and best freight forwarding services in the Philippines. When it comes to being highly skilled and organized, Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd can prove its competency among other logistics giants as well. They have a strong aim to become the world’s preferred supply chain logistics company. Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd is committed to contributing to have a better future with the help of their collective business activities.

Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd is well-known for the following services:

  • Logistics solutions
  • Transportation services
  • Warehousing & Distribution

Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd tends to focus more on bigger clients and businesses in the Philippines that need these kinds of services. So, if you’re a small business owner, Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd is not a perfect match for you. However, you can opt for Transportify to have personalized and more customized logistics services that can meet your business shipping requirements. Learn more about Yusen Logistics by visiting their website.


If we’re talking about the effectiveness and efficiency of the logistics services and who can qualify to be added on the best freight forwarding services, we can say that all of them have the guts to prove their worth. However, when it comes to being versatile, modified, and customized, Transportify got our attention. Besides having the latest technology among Royal Cargo and Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd, the green company offers the best customer service and shipment safety. Though Royal Cargo and Yusen Logistics Co. Ltd are big companies compared to Transportify, it doesn’t make them small to give the best logistics solutions to their client and become one of the best freight forwarding services in the Philippines.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which best freight companies can give better logistics services?

The answer is it depends. There are thousands of logistics companies and best freight forwarding services not mentioned on the comparison list above. Still, all of them can prove their efficiency and competency to logistics giants as well. Each logistics company has its own specialization, so when it comes to better logistics services, it depends on your business shipping requirements to determine which one is the best.

2. How do I check the company’s logistics rates?

To check your preferred company’s logistics rates, simply visit their websites and browse the services menu and look for the logistics service you want to avail. You can also call their respective customer service to inquire about the said services. Lalamove is an example of a logistics service available on mobile. Simply download their on-demand delivery app to your smartphones to know the price rates based on your booking.