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[Updated] Lalamove vs Transportify: Same Day Delivery App Review

By Cat Dewinta - February 11, 2019

lalamove vs transportify

For the benefit of our readers, we decided to trial the city’s two most popular same day delivery apps, Lalamove and Transportify, and share the results with you in this article. We hope you find our comparisons and conclusions as useful for your business as ours. Enjoy!

There’s a fierce rivalry underway to add mobile delivery app technology to the bustling cargo logistics sector that services small and medium-sized businesses in METRO MANILA. Below is an overview of each same day delivery app.

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To get started, here are some details about the trial booking that took place on a busy Friday of March 2021.

Booking Details:

  • L300
  • Friday pickup at 5:00 pm
  • From Manila to Cavite
  • 37 km total distance
  • Large Fragile Items


lalamove vs transportify user reviews

Before we get started making our bookings, let’s check what people are saying about the service provided by both companies. There are abundant reviews about both companies on Facebook, Google, and the Appstore.

At first glance, it is immediately clear that netizen customers of Transportify are much more content by giving the company a rating of about 4.7 compared to Lalamove’s rating of 3.9 given by its netizen customers. Upon closer inspection of the negative comments and reviews about the latter, we observed that the company’s customers are complaining primarily about a poor/unresponsive customer service center and poor service quality from their drivers.

Even if they only have 3.9 out of 5 ratings, they have a much larger following with almost 500,000 likes on Facebook. This may be because they operate a more retail-oriented service with their motorbikes that provide a larger volume of smaller transactions which is more challenging to manage from a customer service perspective, while the former is more tailored for businesses even if they serve retail customers as well. Whatever the case, Transportify wins in terms of public ratings for the delivery app.


lalamove and transportify vehicle types

Transportify has a wide selection of small, medium, and large vehicles, including Economy cars ranging from Sedans and Hatchbacks to MPVs/SUVs and 4W & 6W, Closed Vans. The only thing we noticed missing was Motorcycle, and after chatting with their CS Center, we found out they launched Motorbikes in July 2016 but discontinued them after a month.

Lalamove has a smaller selection of vehicles, including Motorbikes, Small Vans, and L300s. They mention that they offer 4W Closed Vans on their website, but it doesn’t appear in the same day mobile app. However, they are more famous for their last mile Motorcycle deliveries.

You may check the table below for a quick reference about the vehicle types and their base prices:

Lalamove Vehicle
Economy (Sedans/SUV/MPV)₱130₱120
Light Truck (L300/Van)₱440₱430
Closed Van₱1,885₱1,885
Reefer Truckn/a₱2,700
Pickup Truckn/a₱1,950
Long Pickup Truckn/a₱4,850
10W Wing Vann/a₱7,500


lalamove vs transportify service area

Lalamove focuses on Metro Manila and other nearby areas (Cavite, Bulacan, Laguna & Rizal). They recently extended their services in Cebu City, being the first to cater outside Luzon.
Though not yet servicing outside Luzon, Transportify is available to deliver to any point in Luzon and key provinces in Visayas and Mindanao. They have recently revamped their pricing. They have made it affordable to book to any point and have recently expanded to the majority of the provinces in Luzon to allow more businesses and customers the same wonderful service they provide in greater Metro Manila.


lalamove and transportify price difference

Transportify was cheaper, only costing P1,520 compared to Lalamove, with P1,560. While this category is mostly focused on price and value for money, there’s also the additional concern over payment methods. Both offer the same payment methods with cash pay, prepayment, and invoice post-pay for corporate accounts. Transportify also offers a credit/debit card options while Lalamove has an online payment wallet option. For us, we think we get what we pay for these same day delivery apps.


lalamove vs transportify services offered

They must watch each other carefully because we found their service choices quite similar. We summarized our comparison of service, refer to individual sections below.

One difference is that Transportify has much bigger insurance coverage for their corporate clients, with Php 3 Million per booking compared to Lalamove’s Php 2,000 coverage, which is not nearly good enough for businesses. The former gives free insurance to business customers who join their popular Business Program. The amount of additional destinations per booking is quite outstanding, with the orange company having up to 20 destinations but Transportify with 15.


lalamove vs transportify booking experience

We found both mobile apps to be user-friendly and easy to book with. Both apps had help and information pop-ups that made the booking experience feel intuitive. What puts Transportify over the top for us is its pure-play nature. Lalamove offers up to 17 different services on the first page of its same day delivery app. If you’re looking for a service variety, it’s a sure winner. But we’re just interested in booking deliveries for our boxes, so we appreciate the pure play nature of the former’s app. From their app experience, they are focused on providing fast and feature-rich booking experiences for businesses wanting to deliver goods.



Lalamove won the match in 8 minutes. Transportify took about 10 minutes. But then something surprising happened. Lalamove’s driver canceled on us just a few minutes after the booking was confirmed in our same day delivery app.

When we contacted their customer service, they said we should book again. We thought that was inconvenient, so we contacted the other company’s customer service to ask about their driver cancellation process. Transportify explained that drivers could not cancel once they accept a booking. If something prevents the driver from proceeding with the booking, their CS handles the replacement for you and then updates your delivery app with the new driver info. We liked that answer much more, so we thought it fair to rank them as a tie.


Lalamove took about 3 minutes, while Transportify answered much faster after 1 minute. Both agents were friendly and helpful, but we felt that the latter’s CS agent was a little faster and more knowledgeable when answering our questions.

Also, we checked a few more details about their CS support. Both lets you call, live chat in their app, and even email their support line.


lalamove vs transportify driver service

Both drivers confirmed their bookings with us and were friendly. The orange driver was friendly and made jokes during our booking, while the green driver seemed a little more concerned about being professional and was not as talkative during the process. Regarding the professional appearance of the drivers, it’s a tie. Both drivers wore their uniforms and ID since it’s important when interacting with the customers. In these categories, we would call it a tie.

But in the categories where it counted for us, such as on-time arrival and professional appearance of the driver, Transportify won hands-down. Lalamove’s driver was late by 20 minutes while Transportify’s driver arrived a few minutes early for our booking. This made a big difference for us, and we appreciated their driver’s promptness, so we didn’t have to wait.


Transportify wins against Lalamove

Taking everything into consideration, Transportify won this trial, particularly due to professionalism and service levels from both its customer service center and drivers. Lalamove, though lost, still held itself strong with its unique service, like the motorbike fleet option, and is cheaper for a few bucks.

For us here at Logisticsbid, we recommend Transportify to be your same day delivery App-Based 3PL (Third Party Logistics) partner for your business. Checking all lists for what you’re looking for in a logistics company. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this feature and don’t forget to regularly check our website for the latest updates in the Logistics Industry not just here in the Philippines but in Southeast Asia.

Go to the websites of Lalamove and Transportify to begin your booking.

Lalamove WebsiteTransportify Website


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the best same day delivery logistics services available with a mobile app?

Currently, the common services with a mobile app that everyone uses for deliveries are Grab Express, Mr. Speedy, MyKuya, and others. You can download their app from the Google Play Store or Apple Appstore. Grab Express offers various services, such as Grab Pay and Grab Food, and they are majorly famous for their ride-sharing feature. Lalamove offers similar features like Lalafood, but they focus more on deliveries than Grab. Transportify on the other hand, focuses heavily on logistics services. And this logistics service provider is the only one that offers same day delivery through their fleet from small cars to wing vans.

2. Where do I get more information about same day delivery app services?

Both is free to download in the app store. As soon as you are done setting up an account, it will be very easy to get around the app to learn more about their services. You can also, visit their website to discover updates and more features that they offer. As we experienced first hand, learning about both apps is very easy. And their customer service is very easy to communicate with.