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Sedans: An Alternative to Motorbikes for Courier Delivery Services

Author Cat Dewinta - Updated on February 28, 2021

Sedans: An Alternative to Motorbikes for Courier Delivery Services

Fast and easy logistics services are always sought by many businesses in order to fulfill deliveries to clients quickly. In order to meet these demands, logistics companies utilize motorbikes to deliver goods quickly from pick up to the drop off point. Although a motorbike is capable of carrying small items such as food stuff and parcels, there is greater risk that those items would be damaged by heavy rains or minor accidents. Fortunately, there is an alternative to motorbike deliveries to keep your goods safe and secure while in transit. In this blog, we will talk about the benefits of using sedans for your courier delivery operations and how it is a safer alternative to motorbike deliveries.

It is not uncommon to see many motorbikes on the road engaged in delivery services. Oftentimes, they are carrying food products, documents or even gadgets like laptops and cell phones for door to door deliveries. And it does a good job of fulfilling those delivery requirements because they are small, compact and can easily fit on the motorcycle delivery box situated behind the driver. Furthermore, there are plenty of motorbikes for delivery services in Manila so you are assured that your booking request will be accommodated.

While it is low cost, easily accessible and fast, there is a downside to using motorbikes for courier delivery services. Motorbikes can only accommodate a very limited amount of cargo. For example, they can only carry a few laptops while a sedan can transport plenty of office equipment and even small appliances such as a television. Furthermore, a sedan gives more protection to your cargo compared to a motorbike in case an unfortunate accident takes place.

Another reason to consider in switching to alternative means of courier delivery is the fact that it frequently rains in the Philippines, sometimes without warning. Motorbikes offer little protection against the elements so it is not advisable to use them to transport important goods like documents and gadgets. For example, a motorbike carrying a brand new laptop suddenly finds itself in the middle of a traffic jam. Then, a heavy rain starts pouring in even though there was no warning of such an occurrence. In the end, the laptop got wet and had to be replaced with a new one, causing an added expense to the owner.

Why use a sedan for courier delivery services?

Using a sedan for courier delivery services is highly recommended because it offers plenty of benefits that can not be offered by motorcycle delivery services. First of all, sedans offer plenty of space compared to motorbikes This means you can deliver more goods in one delivery booking which translates to more efficient logistics operations. For example, instead of just delivering one laptop using a motorbike, you can deliver 10 laptops to multiple locations in just one single delivery booking.

Another advantage in using sedans for courier delivery operations is that it offers more protection than your average motorbike. Minor road accidents will not damage your goods and there is more than enough protection against heavy rainfall.