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Comparison of On-Demand Delivery App Services: Grab, Lalamove, Transportify, MrSpeedy, Happy Move, JoyRide, Move It, Toktok

Author Cat Dewinta - Updated on April 15, 2021

Comparison of On Demand Delivery App Services: Grab, Lalamove, Transportify, MrSpeedy, Happy Move, JoyRide, Move It, Toktok

The need for on-demand delivery app services has exploded due to lockdowns and quarantine. The sight of a Grab or Lalamove motorcycle rider or a Transportify van/truck is now commonplace. Such services have been instrumental in our ability to cope with our basic needs during limited mobility. To help you decide which on-demand delivery app is suitable for your needs, we compare all the on-demand delivery app options available in the market according to the following scenarios:

Scenario 1: Same-day delivery of a small item (Grab Express 4-Hours)

When shipping something small and you’re not in a hurry, the best option is the 4-Hours delivery by Grab Express. It is by far the most affordable motorcycle delivery option, and it is quite reliable, especially in Metro Manila. The pricing is simple: Php 79 if within 15 kilometers and Php 99 if between 15 to 30 kilometers. This service is also covered by Grab’s 10,000PHP insurance.

Kudos to Grab for the innovation. They are the only app-based logistics provider to offer this type of service.

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Scenario 2: Urgent delivery of a small item (Grab Express Instant)

The competition is tighter here. Grab Express Instant is the preferred app for instant deliveries because of its superior insurance (up to 10,000PHP) and drivers’ availability and service level. However, Grab tends to be slightly more expensive. If based strictly on price, the data shows that Joyride is the most affordable, while Lalamove and MrSpeedy cost slightly less than Grab Express.

Regarding insurance, MrSpeedy and Joyride have up to 2,000PHP (stipulated in their terms and conditions and media releases).

However, you will have to pay extra for insurance with MrSpeedy. Lalamove’s insurance is more uncertain. There is nothing publicly available. But when asking their CS agents, some agents say that they have insurance (up to 2,000PHP), and some say that there is no insurance.

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Scenario 3: Pabili Service (MrSpeedy)

For pabili service, the best option would be MrSpeedy solely on price. The service levels between the top 3 providers (Grab, Lalamove, and MrSpeedy) are the same. But if you need a higher purchasing limit, you can use Grab, Lalamove, or JoyRide, which provide pabili services up to 2,000PHP (MrSpeedy is only up to 1,500PHP).

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Scenario 4: Large/Bulky Shipments or Lipat Bahay (Transportify)

The best option is Transportify because of its noticeably better service and insurance. Prices are the same compared to the alternative (Lalamove and Grab). Transportify also has a larger coverage area and more vehicle options, being able to pick up and deliver anywhere in Luzon with many different types of vehicles, from sedans to very large trucks.

We are fortunate to have these on-demand delivery services at this time. Yet, we should hope that more on-demand delivery services enter the market to increase competition and innovation.

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