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[2024] Lalamove vs Transportify For Delivery Drivers (Sino Mas OK?)

By Cat Dewinta - December 03, 2021

[2022] Lalamove vs Transportify For Delivery Drivers (Sino Mas OK?)

Logistics companies in the Philippines have grown in popularity over time, particularly those offering on-demand services. Delivery drivers currently have a variety of options for where to enroll their vehicles, but we discovered that joining Lalamove and Transportify are their top choices. We previously compared Lalamove and Transportify to help customers choose the best on-demand delivery service for their needs. We have done the same for delivery drivers.

Our team conducted interviews and research to analyze where it would be better to enroll your delivery vehicle for more income. After gathering information, we have compiled them according to their:

If you are a customer and want to know which is better between Lalamove and Transportify, we have a comparison article on their delivery services.

Continue reading to know the winner of each category.

Rates and Income: Winner is Transportify

Over the past months, Lalamove has lowered its rate to appear more competitive and enticing to customers. This has caused much discontent among their existing delivery drivers as they now have the lowest rates in the market. The negative sentiment of drivers can be clearly seen on their Facebook page, where drivers express grievances, particularly about pricing.

Despite having the lowest rates, Lalamove drivers are able to enhance their income because of  “double-booking”, the practice of accepting more than 1 booking at a time so that the driver can do the bookings simultaneously. Technically, this is not allowed by Lalamove but drivers are able to accomplish “double-booking” by marking the existing bookings as completed (so the app can allow the driver to accept more bookings) and then arranging with customers to deliver the items at a later time.

On the other hand, Transportify has higher rates and surge pricing compared to Lalamove for all vehicle types. In addition to this, Transportify has larger bookings because it covers the entire Luzon and has interisland bookings. This means that there are many more long-distance bookings in Transportify’s system. Based on screenshot posts from drivers in Facebook groups, there are often bookings between 5,000PHP up 50,000PHP posted in the group. Additionally, Transportify also has a “customer choose you” system that allows customers to book a driver directly. This is very good because it enables you to have a “suki” within the Transportify app.

Transportify wins here because the rates are higher. Although Lalamove delivery drivers can significantly enhance their income via double-booking, this could endanger their account to be banned by the company.

Ease of Enrollment: It’s a tie!

In terms of requirements, the driver enrollment process for Lalamove and Transportify is almost the same. Both apps require you to pass an online exam. The Lalamove driver and Transportify driver we interviewed said that the training was not difficult, but it simply ensured that they understood the terms and basic information of the platform. If you are wondering about the requirements of Lalamove and Transportify usually request, we have gathered the information below.

Commonly Asked Requirements:

  • Driver’s License
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • NBI Clearance
  • OR/CR or Notarized Deed of Sale

Both Lalamove and Transportify take around 1 week to process your application. But note that this processing time may vary depending on whether you can provide all the required information immediately. So when you have decided to join Lalamove or Transportify, make sure to have all documents prepared.

For Transportify requirements, click here.

For Lalamove requirements, click here.

Rules and Regulations: Winner is Lalamove

Transportify is customer-centric and strict with implementing rules. This is clear through comments in driver Facebook groups.  There are concerns from drivers about being charged for booking cancellations or being late. Lalamove, on the other hand, is not as strict. Some drivers would prefer Lalamove because they think this would give them a bit more flexibility.

Ease of Payment:  Winner is Transportify

Cash bookings are generally preferred by delivery drivers because they receive payment immediately after completing such bookings. Both companies have many cash bookings, therefore, no comparison can be made here.

However, for cashless payments from customers, Transportify remits the same-day while Lalamove may take up to 2-3 business days. It is always good to be able to access your money quickly. While 2-3 days is already very quick, being able to cash out within the same day is ideal.

Perks and Benefits: Winner is Lalamove 

Lalamove has more partner companies that provide perks to delivery drivers, which they call “Panalomove”. The Panalomove program benefits include fuel discount cards, insurance, healthcare, and gadgets. Transportify has fewer partners and limited benefits, but they have one notable partnership with Shell that allows delivery drivers and fleets to buy heavily discounted fuel using their wallet credits. Although Transportify also offers healthcare and vehicle maintenance benefits, Lalamove simply provides more perks and benefits. For this, Lalamove is preferred for perks and benefits.

For Fleet Owners: Winner is Transportify

Both Lalamove and Transportify accept fleets into their system. However, Transportify is the only option that has a special platform solely for fleet owners who want to fully control the acceptance of delivery orders and the assignment of such orders to the fleet owner’s driver.  For this alone, Transportify’s system is preferred for vehicle owners that have more than 1 delivery vehicle.

Is it Lalamove or Transportify?

Both logistics companies have their own advantages and disadvantages for delivery drivers and fleets. The first consideration that drivers or owners need to take into account is the type of vehicle and the location:

  1. Lalamove accepts motorcycles but not trucks. Transportify does not accept motorcycles but accepts many types of trucks.
  2. Transportify is available in the entire Luzon, Cebu, and some cities in Mindanao while Lalamove is available only in Metro Manila, CALABA, Rizal, Pampanga, and Cebu.

After taking into account your vehicle and its garage location, we conclude that Transportify provides more economic advantages to delivery drivers, particularly in terms of rate and income, and ease of payment. This is especially true for fleet owners who are able to take advantage of Transportify’s fleet platform to manage their orders.

Apply In LalamoveApply In Transportify



Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I go to the offices of Lalamove and Transportify to process my application?

Before the pandemic, both logistics companies handled on-site applications. However, to lessen human interaction, all of their applications are now processed online. Passing requirements, training, and waiting for account confirmation are all done online. You don’t need to visit their offices. You only need to go to their websites and complete the application form.

2. Where can Lalamove and Transportify delivery drivers expect more bookings?

Because Metro Manila is one of the busiest cities in the Philippines, drivers can expect a high volume of bookings from the metro. However, Lalamove and Transportify have expanded their service areas where you can also accept bookings. For example, Lalamove service in Metro Manila, CALABA, Rizal, Pampanga, and Cebu. Since these are urbanized areas, you can expect frequent bookings from there. On the other hand, Transportify has a wider service area than Lalamove covering the whole of Luzon, Cebu, and some parts of Mindanao. You can accept bookings from Transportify wherever you are in Luzon, especially if you live in provincial areas.