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E-commerce Is Driving up the Demand for Online Delivery Jobs

By Cat Dewinta - November 21, 2021

Rising Demand for Online Delivery Jobs Caused by E-Commerce

A recent study by Accenture showed that delivery jobs in the Philippines rose thanks to increased online shopping. The country now has more and more employed as couriers, drivers, and warehouse staff. Moreover, with more consumers buying goods from e-commerce sites, demand for delivery jobs is likely to keep growing.

Before the pandemic, on-demand services for logistics were already a thing in the Philippines for individuals who wanted to make money by transporting goods from online purchases. However, in the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2020, logistics companies started aggressively onboarding driver partners to meet the growing demand for online orders.

Some other contributing factors are:

  • There has been a steady increase in Filipinos buying goods from outside sources since 2013.
  • Technology has played a pivotal role with more apps available, it allows users to deliver packages quickly via motorbikes and four-wheeled vehicles.
  • There has been an increase in job opportunities with delivery companies allowing users to sign up and deliver packages.
  • People who prefer a flexible schedule or individuals looking to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side can now apply for delivery jobs from logistics companies.

Before several well-known e-commerce sites became popular in the Philippines, people were already making their income by delivering items bought online. It is expected that more people will be interested to enagage with delivery jobs either for full time or part time.

What Are the Most Frequent Deliveries From E-commerce Transactions?

  • Food Delivery

Some of the most frequent types of deliveries from e-commerce transactions involve food and beverages. This is due to several factors, including consumers being too busy with their work or family life to cook for themselves when they get home after a long day at work. The convenience that comes along with having someone deliver your ready-to-eat meals right to your door also plays an important part in this trend toward online shopping via delivery services.

  • Parcel Delivery

According to Business Insider, as more consumers buy online, the demand for parcel delivery increases. In fact, it is projected to grow by 46% in 2018 and 94% between 2017-2022. This means that there will be a rise in jobs such as conveyor operators or warehouse employees who help manage deliveries. They are also responsible for the loading and unloading of parcels at airports and other transportation hubs. Meanwhile, drivers become an essential part of delivering products through vehicles like motorcycles and trucks from one place to another. These individuals need special training to drive safely around crowded areas while remaining focused on finding the correct destination quickly because time plays a huge role when it comes to courier services. Based on these numbers alone, it is easy to see how important drivers and other delivery staff become. In fact, they make up a large portion of the workforce in the Philippines who earn income from this industry.

  • Bulk Delivery

Delivery companies, on-demand or not, have to hire more drivers and logistics employees to meet demand, especially for bulk deliveries that require multiple trips or extra packaging. The global e-commerce market has grown rapidly over the last decade, with continued growth expected this year around 11%. A large part of this is fueled by consumer trends towards buying goods online rather than visiting local stores where they can physically interact with merchandise. This shift allows customers access to a greater variety of products at lower prices, driving up sales on major websites both in the Philippines and international markets who then need third-party services for shipping needs.

The necessity for dependable courier and delivery services has never been higher. The growth of e-commerce influences how consumers buy items and services online, resulting in a demand for delivery jobs across the world. In today’s market, businesses must change to satisfy the needs of an ever-growing customer base that is becoming more demanding by the day. Having dependable drivers and delivery partners is one approach to accomplish it.