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Biggest Trucking Companies for Business Logistics: JIL, Transportify, SSI, and Elaiza Trucking Services

By Cat Dewinta - June 19, 2020

Biggest Trucking Companies for Business Logistics: JIL, SSI, Elaiza, Transportify

In today’s article, the editorial team has conducted extensive research with the biggest trucking companies here in the Philippines. There are tons of business logistics companies operating in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila, choosing which company can provide you with better services is not an easy task. Your chosen logistic provider will also represent your business; that’s why business owners need to select the best logistic provider as possible as you can because any good and bad delivery service they provide will also reflect on your business reputation.

To help you choose which logistics provider can serve you better when it comes to trucking and logistics services, we collected informative data for you to compare. In this article, we feature the trucking services from Transportify, SSI, JIL, and Elaiza Trucking Services. These biggest trucking companies are popular in the Philippines, especially in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. When it comes to trucking, these business logistics services are the one to be called in.

Here are our top picks for biggest trucking companies and their business logistics services and we show what we think are the pros and cons of the services offered by these amazing trucking companies.

jil cargo services logo

JIL Cargo Services is a Filipino-owned logistics provider with years of strong experience in giving total logistics solutions in the Philippines. JIL Cargo Services provides trucking, customs brokerage, international and domestic freight forwarding, etc.

Through JIL Cargo Services’ personalized services, they can support their clients with all of the global business logistics and transportation needs. Moreover, JIL Cargo Services have a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals to provide appropriate business logistics services for your shipments. JIL Cargo Services aim to provide reliable, efficient, and timely freight forwarding services for both ocean or air imports and exports.

Because of the business logistics solutions they provide, JIL Cargo Services became one of the biggest trucking companies in the Philippines. If you need the following services that were mentioned above, JIL Cargo Services can provide and cater to your business shipping requirements. JIL Cargo Services is continuously servicing prominent companies in the Philippines.

plus icon 1Years of experience in total logistics solution

plus icon 2International freight forwarding services

plus icon 3Customs brokerage service

plus icon 4More than 1,000 trucking fleet

plus icon 5Door to door courier services

plus icon 6No working website

plus icon 7Limited social media presence

plus icon 8Lacks information about their services

plus icon 9No same day delivery

transportify logo

When it comes to trucking, Transportify is the premier trucking service provider that can cover deliveries outside Metro Manila to provide excellent trucking services in the Philippines. They expand their logistics service area to cater to their continuously growing clientele base. Transportify is well-known for its latest technology and platform that can provide outstanding trucking services. Because of the excellent logistics services they have, they became one of the best trucking companies and business logistics provider in the Philippines this year.

Aside from the Philippines, Transportify also operates in different Asian countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. As one of the biggest trucking companies in Asia, you can ensure that they are giving their best shot to serve their clients well. Aside from trucks, they are also reliable when it comes to customized delivery service. You can choose which vehicles you preferred to use for your shipment deliveries. They have sedans, closed vans, mini trucks, long-haul, etc. Transportify’s specialization includes the delivery of goods within the city, as well as the shipment of goods from cities to provinces.

For the services, Transportify offers an on-demand delivery app where you can book your shipment and monitor your deliveries 24/7 and real-time. Thus, giving you the peace of mind about your deliveries. They have a platform which offers businesses and its customers a more convenient, smooth, and cheaper transactions.

Aside from these, Transportify also has a business program for its corporate clients. Their program provides a full end-to-end business logistics support with significant benefits when you sign-up to them for free.

So whatever shipment purpose you have, either for personal use or business use, Transportify can give you the trucking service you’re looking for. You can rest assured that Transportify provides the best trucking services as possible as they can to satisfy the shipping needs of their clients.

plus icon 10Lowest price

plus icon 11Same day delivery

plus icon 1224/7 customer and driver support

plus icon 13Available in mobile application

plus icon 147 different vehicle types

plus icon 15Easy transaction

plus icon 16Instant quotation via website

plus icon 17Services Limited only in Luzon

plus icon 18FTL only

Take a closer look at Transportify by visiting their website or by clicking the button below to download their application.

transportify logo

SSI logistics is well-known for its logistic expertise that has been culled for the past few years of forwarding and distribution for over 1,000 Philippine companies as their clients. SSI logistics is the foundation of SSI Group of Companies that servicing BIT, an international brokerage and forwarding firm. Together with Johayo Company, a foreign and domestic trading firm with its subsidiary named JTC Pallets Inc. This company manufactured wooden pallets that provided services in both local and multinational companies.

SSI Logistics is a Philippine-based leading logistics provider of Simplified Service Solutions when it comes to the field of warehouse management, pest control management, chemical applications, transport, and other innovative logistics solutions.

SSI Logistics aims to provide its clients with the best quality products and the excellent service they deserve. Both the products and services SSI Logistics provides touch the lives of their employees and business partners in different ways, much more giving eco-friendly solutions to their clients. So if you’re looking for the following services that were mentioned above, SSI logistics can meet your requirements as a logistics provider. SSI Logistics continues to improve and expand their services that is not just limited to supply chain. That is why, SSI Logistics is a company to look out for.

plus icon 19Online booking

plus icon 20Door to door delivery

plus icon 214PL Service

plus icon 22Competitive price

plus icon 23Expert in raw materials and chemical transportation

plus icon 24With over 1,000 fleet

plus icon 25Instant quotation via website

plus icon 26Same day delivery has cut-off times

plus icon 27No same day delivery service

plus icon 28There is no immediate customer support

transportify logo

Elaiza Trucking Services is a beloved provider of trucks trusted by different companies. Elaiza Trucking services include warehousing, physical distribution, and pick/pack requirements of all general merchandise. Elaiza Trucking Services offer warehousing solutions to big companies. Additionally, Elaiza Trucking Services include modern solutions to logistics such as web access to inventory, E.D.I. capabilities, and computerized inventory control. Elaiza Trucking Services is based in Las Pinas City, an ideal location for southern Luzon.

Elaiza Trucking Services also distinguish themselves from the logistics provider competition by giving a strong commitment to service excellence and outstanding customer service. Elaiza Trucking Services is composed of different interworking and synergized companies that provide and operate a world-class service experience we are known for.

plus icon 29Modernized logistics solutions

plus icon 30One of the lowest price in this list

plus icon 31Operational website for contact information

plus icon 32Active social media activity

plus icon 33Expert in raw materials and chemical transportation

plus icon 34Focused on fleets of big trucks and closed vans

plus icon 35Minimal Fleet

plus icon 36Unresponsive customer support

plus icon 37Operational only from 8am to 6pm


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Among the top biggest trucking companies who is the leading business logistics provider in the Philippines?

There are tons of trucking companies who are operating in the Philippines today. We have listed the biggest trucking companies for you to narrow the list. All of the data that was written here are based on the content that we had conducted during our research. There are other biggest trucking companies out there that can also provide exceptional logistics services that can meet your business requirements and shipping needs. Choosing your logistics provider depends upon your location, truck preferences, shipping requirements, and your delivery needs.

2. Who can provide better logistics service among these 3 biggest trucking companies?

The answer is it depends. Businesses have different requirements when it comes to deliveries and shipping needs. Others may need long-haul services; some require a same-day delivery, and few preferred air and sea freight. Also, it depends on what kind of products and goods you’re going to ship; there are biggest trucking companies and logistics providers specializing in chemicals, building materials, dry and wet goods, so choosing based on their specialization can maximize their business logistics solutions.