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Maersk Line | A Container Shipping Company in the Philippines

Author Cat Dewinta - Updated on October 22, 2020

Maersk Line | A Container Shipping Company in the Philippines

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to own appliances, electronics, and vehicles manufactured from a country halfway around the world. A businessman in the United States can be driving a car made in Japan. A student in Europe could be using a laptop produced in South Korea. This phenomenon can be described as the “Global Village,” a concept describing how nations are becoming more dependent on each other. Much of the economic activity around the world involves a trade of goods and services between countries. Thanks to cargo shipping companies, we can receive goods from other countries, and we can also export our products to them.

Half a century ago, someone in Manila had to wait several weeks for his letter to reach his friend in Los Angeles, California. Now, with just a few easy clicks on your computer, one can send a message, photo, or video to a friend in the North Pole. Distances and boundaries are not a hindrance to communication thanks to the numerous advancements in communications technology. Because of the internet, many people can work, study, and even hold parties at home.

Another factor that enables us to feel like we are just in one big global village is global logistics. Thanks to cargo shipping companies, we can wear the same basketball shoes that our beloved NBA players wear. A local businessman can sell his native handcrafted bags to neighboring Southeast Asian countries by availing services from a shipping company in the Philippines. And fast-moving consumer goods can be easily transported from their manufacturing plants to destinations halfway across the world. Recent technological advancements in global logistics have enabled cargo logistics companies to be more efficient in their operations. Machine learning and robotics have been crucial in optimizing the processes of many logistics companies around the world.

Twenty trillion US dollars is the estimated value that the World Trade Organization emphasizes the importance of world merchandise trade. In the Philippines, the total amount of exported goods and services is around 28% of our gross domestic product (GDP). We can say that the logistics sector plays a huge role in our nation. Thanks to its large contribution to our GDP. Maersk Line, a Dutch container shipping company, is a big name for international and domestic cargo shipping operations. Read on to learn more about their services as one of the top shipping company in the Philippines.

About Maersk Line

In 1904, in a town called Svendborg in Denmark, a father and son duo by the names of Peter and Arnold Moller raised enough money to purchase a second-hand steamer. “Svendborg” was the name they gave that ship in honor of their hometown. From having a small boat back in the old days to becoming one of the leading container shipping companies globally, Maersk made a significant leap in the shipping and logistics industry. They are considered a change leader in new technologies and shipping industry solutions for their customers.

Maersk Line also has a move to reorganize the company to become more focused on integrated transport and logistics. With this move, Maersk shipping sold Maersk oil to concentrate efforts to become a world leader in logistics. This container shipping company aims to provide its customers with end-to-end services for a better and connected supply chain system. Maersk Line emphasizes the need to collaborate with small and medium enterprises (SME).

Maersk Line also acquired different businesses in line with shipping and logistics to extend their line of business. Damco Sea & Air (formerly known as CWH van Dam & Co.) was one of the companies that were acquired by Maersk. They now act as the forwarding arm of P&O Nedlloyd Logistics and later underwent a merger with Maersk Logistics under the new name Damco.

Like Maersk, a shipping company in the Philippines provides various local and international solutions to take your business to the next level. This top-quality container shipping company makes Philippine companies more competitive in terms of operations. They offer different services like inland services, importation, and exportation services. They also have a subsidiary shipping company in the Philippines called Sealand to cater to various business needs for domestic and international cargo moving services.

Container Shipping Services

Container shipping is a large sector of logistics in the Philippines. Being an archipelagic country, businesses need to transport products to different provinces using different logistics methods such as inland transportation, ocean freight, and air transportation. The Maersk Line plays a vital part in making these things possible. Here are some of the services that Maersk, a leading container shipping company, provides to its customers:

1. Inland Transportation Services

Maersk is also a provider of inland transportation services for different service points and major container ports in other parts of the world. They serve as a connection for smooth end-to-end delivery transactions for various products and services.

Shipping company in the Philippines like Maersk offer additional opportunities to service points of transportation. They have barge service to utilize the bodies of water that cannot be easily accessed by large vessels. And there are also trucks that can deliver small loads on short and long distances in the country. Maersk Line also has several depots spanning all over the Philippines. It enables more businesses to link their products to their desired destinations anywhere in the country. As one of the leading integrators in logistics, this container shipping company makes their solutions more accessible to its global network.

2. Ocean Transport

Every year, the Maersk Line has moved approximately 12 million containers to every corner of the globe. Ocean Transport has been its specialty service ever since its establishment. No wonder Maersk became one of the leading container shipping company in the market.

They offer to transport various cargoes such as dry cargo, refrigerated cargo, special cargo, and dangerous cargo. Flex Hubs are also available to have a smooth flow in moving essential goods to different destinations. Today, Maersk Line is servicing industries like FMCGs, retail, lifestyle, chemicals, automotive, and electronics for ocean freight and transportation.

3. Import and Export Services

The import and export industry benefits from the reliable transportation that Maersk provides to its customers. Arranging import and export services was optimized to help their client business in handling their cargo shipping services.

A number of shipping company in the Philippines help the economy progress rapidly by supporting the industry of importation and exportation. Products in the Philippines may quickly arrive in different emerging markets, and foreign products can now be seen in our local marketplace.

Other Logistics Players in the Philippines

There are a large number of shipping companies in the Philippines. The country’s logistics sector is rapidly changing, and most of them offer unique logistics solutions for its customers. Here are some of the leading providers who offer similar services to Maersk Line.

Container Shipping Services

If you require large scale transportation and container shipping services, you may try using container shipping company providers like Yusen Logistics, Ernest Logistics, and Excelsior Worldwide Logistics. They specialize in bulk transportation services and transports goods domestically and internationally with their fleet partners. Some of the services they offer include project cargo management, container load management, and land transportation services.

Domestic Freight Transportation

For companies requiring domestic freight forwarding and transportation, there are providers like South Seas Cargo Forwarders specializing in cargo handling in major ports of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. LBC Express is also a well-known provider of domestic freight services in these areas. You may quickly move your products to different locations in the Philippines.

There are also new players in domestic transportation like Transportify that has a service area spanning in Luzon. They are currently servicing various businesses in handling FMCG deliveries across their distribution network.

On-demand Logistics

Transportify and Lalamove are also leading the game in logistics. These on-demand same day delivery logistics providers offer a more convenient logistics solution and allow their customers and client businesses to manage and book their deliveries. They have an existing app that gives customers more options for delivery vehicles and reduces transportation costs.

They have a large variety of fleets ranging from motorcycles to large trucks. Transportify is more focused on giving bulk deliveries services while Lalamove is the frontline provider for small parcel delivery.

Last-mile Delivery

Last-mile delivery is a crucial part of the delivery process. Products from sellers arrive directly at the customer’s doorstep, and logistics providers get to have direct interaction with them. That is why companies are keen on choosing the right provider for their last-mile logistics.

There are many available last-mile logistics partners in the market. They include companies like Transportify, Lalamove, MrSpeedy, MoveIT, and Ninja Van that can help you in increasing visibility in handling your distribution network and achieving high customer satisfaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a container shipping company do?

Modern container shipping companies handle both shipping and transportation of goods from their customers. Some companies are also specializing in warehousing and distribution, inbound freight management, and outbound logistics. A container shipping company does more than just shipping products to different destinations. They serve as the connecting bridge of business to their desired target customers.

2. What makes the Maersk Line become one of the leading shipping company in the Philippines?

The quality of service and experience makes Maersk Line one of the industry leaders for cargo shipping services. Even though their company is 100 years in existence, they’ve maintained the quality of service they provide to their customers like it’s always Day 1. They are still offering new solutions for their customers in freight transportation, which is essential for a rapidly changing market. That makes them a leading shipping company in the Philippines.