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Royal Cargo | Cargo Logistics Company in the Philippines

By Cat Dewinta - October 12, 2020

Advancement in technology and rapid growth in the economy makes more opportunities for aspiring business leaders and established companies in our country. In the past years, the Philippines’ GDP growth rate has been in constant growth, overtaking other countries in the Southeast Asian region. The significant developments in infrastructure and technology in the country attract investors who see the potential in establishing businesses in the Philippines. Part of the growth is also coming from small and medium enterprises that are betting their luck on penetrating our country’s market.

Strong economic growth and the emergence of technologies are likely to boost the logistics services market, mainly in the industries of healthcare, telecommunications, electronics, and retail. The increased consumer spending positively affects the logistics sector as demand for products is augmented due to increased accessibility on different platforms. That’s why more and more logistics companies are coming up with unique logistics solutions for the Philippine market.

Royal Cargo is a logistics company in the Philippines that has consistently given top-quality services for different types of businesses. They specialize in freight forwarding, warehousing, project transportation, and other logistics services. Learn more about the leading cargo logistics company in the Philippines.

About Royal Cargo


Royal Cargo Rating

Royal Cargo has been steering the freight forwarding and cargo logistics in the Philippines since 1975. This Manila-headquartered logistics provider began when Hermann Ludwig decided to put up its first representative office to boost its presence in the Southeast Asian region. After three years, Hermann Ludwig became Royal Cargo Corporation under its newly named managing director, Michael Raeuber. Raeuber successfully made Royal Cargo Corporation become the Philippines’ first multinational freight forwarder and become one of the leading names in logistics. Today, they employ about 1400 people across ten countries, and 1000 employees are working in the Philippines alone.

Royal Cargo operates in at least 13 countries, including China, Indonesia, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Palau, Guam, and it’s home country, the Philippines. They are considered to be the third biggest international cargo logistics company in the market today.

From their humble beginnings and grand ambitions, Royal Cargo Corporation has been successfully competing against the fierce competition in the logistics industry. Their amazing expertise and experience make them one of the best logistics company in the Philippines.

Cargo Logistics Services

1. Freight Forwarding

As a cargo logistics company with a full range of logistics services, Royal Cargo specializes in local and international freight forwarding. Their freight forwarding services both include airfreight and sea freight forwarding to different destinations globally. They are also registered agents of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for air freight transport and Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) for ocean freight handling. The division of freight forwarding services that they have is built from strong customer relationships and an impeccable reputation as a cargo logistics provider.

Air Freight

Royal Cargo’s air freight services synergize with extensive partnerships with different carriers and global partners to ensure that the goods to be imported and exported will be transported in good condition and arrive safely and on time. Some of the air freight services that they have include express service, airlift service, regular service, back-to-back air shipment and active cooling cold chain solution.

Ocean Freight

Royal Cargo offers a full range of services for both Full-Container and Less-than-Container Load. They can handle your transportation needs in any size of the shipment. This logistics company in the Philippines has established contracts with different global shipping industry partners in order to have a continuous shipment to various destinations in the world. Some of their ocean freight services available for your business logistics are Full Container Load (FCL), Less Than Container Load (LCL), LCL Consolidation and Special Handling for perishables, dangerous goods, liquids and refrigerated cargo.

2. Warehousing and Distribution

Another service that this logistics company in the Philippines offer is warehousing and distribution. Royal Cargo has different warehouse locations that can store various types of goods in other product categories. They have dry storage facilities available in Bulacan, Dagupan, Paranaque, Cavite, Laguna, Muntinlupa, Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod and Cagayan De Oro. At the same time, cold storage facilities are strategically located in Bulacan, Laguna, and Cavite.

3. Third-Party Logistics

Royal Cargo is also a third-party logistics company in the Philippines. It includes services from importing shipments to last-mile delivery to the customers. They can handle different products such as food items (raw materials and finished goods) and non-food items. The expertise of this company in supply chain management guarantees that the quality of services adheres to the standards of the market. Client business will benefit from these third party delivery services and will become a big help in their overall operations.

4. Project Transportation

With more than 30 years of substantial experience in heavy-lift projects, this cargo logistics company has already built its expertise in the field of project transportation. They have highly trained and integrated best practices to give the best quality service and cost-effective solutions to any type of delivery from their clients. This cargo logistics provider transports undisputed heavyweights in project transportation, making them the best onshore partner for complex projects.

Their clients will truly enjoy the benefits of an outsourced supply chain management. The one-stop-shop for warehousing, inventory control, distribution, and logistics management will definitely ease businesses’ burden in managing their network. This logistics company leverages its people, expertise, facilities, equipment, and technology in offering unique and custom-made solutions for the supply chain requirements of its clients. Their long track record, paired with having reliable and efficient logistics management solutions, made them the best cargo logistics company in the Philippines.

Other Logistics Providers in the Philippines

There are other leading providers of cargo transportation in the Philippines that might fit the needs of your business. Here is the list of other logistics providers that may help your business operations:

Freight Forwarding

If your business requires cargo transportation and shipment from different countries, you may try to avail the services of Maersk, DHL, Yusen Logistics, DB Schenker, F2 Logistics and Kuehne + Nagel. They cover domestic and international transportation and offer other services like Cold Chain Services, Customs Brokerage, Project Cargo Handling and Warehousing and Distribution services.

Bulk Transportation

Majority of big companies in the Philippines have contract logistics partners for the distribution of their products in different parts of the country. There are players that specialize in freight forwarding and FMCG handling such as DHL Supply Chain, LF Logistics, and Maersk. They are well known in providing bulk transport of goods to different distribution centers in the country. New players in bulk transportation like Transportify also have partnered with businesses in handling FMCG deliveries across the network.

App-based Trucking Services

There are also app based trucking service providers like Lalamove and Transportify that disrupted the logistics marketplace by using a more accessible logistics system and allows customers to easily manage their deliveries. Their app works with on-demand logistics services which gives the customers a choice to save more money and optimize their deliveries.

The fleet availability from these providers range from motorcycles, sedans/MPVs, L300 Van and closed van trucks for Lalamove. While, Transportify is more focused on trucking logistics. Their fleet consists of sedans/MPVs, L300/Vans, Closed Van trucks, Pick up trucks, Reefer Trucks, Long Pick up trucks, Mini Dump trucks and 10W Wing Van.

Last-mile Logistics

Last-mile delivery services are considered to be the most crucial part of the delivery process. It is where the products directly arrive at the customer’s doorstep. It is important that a business should have a reliable partner in handling these services to utilize the delays and improve customer satisfaction. There are modern last-mile logistics providers like Black Arrow Express, Lalamove, Transportify, MrSpeedy, MoveIT and Ninja Van that can help you in increasing visibility on your distribution.

Choosing your logistics provider always boils down to the needs of your business. Always prioritize the things that will benefit the growth of your business and open more opportunities in the market. If you’d like to know more about logistics and other big players in the marketplace, you may explore our editorials and see how it can transform your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a cargo logistics company?

A cargo logistics company is a provider of different logistics functions to ensure that your goods will get to the point of consumption or usage. Some cargo logistics specializations are air and maritime transportation, road transport, customs brokerage, and forwarding services. Many logistics companies only focus on freight forwarding and shipping processes, while others have road transportation services for their client businesses.

2.What are the leading cargo logistics company in the Philippines aside from Royal Cargo?

The best choice of cargo logistics company in the Philippines boils down to the requirements of the business. Each company has their own specialization in logistics services. There are traditional logistics service providers apart from Royal Cargo that are readily available to link your products to your target market. These companies include Yusen Logistics, DHL Supply Chain, LF Logistics, F2 Logistics, and Ernest Logistics. While there are also new market players that apply technology in their logistics solutions. On demand logistics providers like Transportify and Lalamove may help you in road transportation services, same-day delivery and express moving services with their variety of available fleet from small cars to large trucks.