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Top 5 Logistics Companies in the Philippines – 3PL: Ernest, CEVA, Fast, AAI Worldwide Logistics, Transportify

By Cat Dewinta - June 07, 2020
top 5 logistics company

A company’s success is determined by how quickly and efficiently its supply chain operates. That is why, at Logisticsbid, we do our best to determine which are the top among hundreds of logistics companies in the Philippines. For this list, we will look at the top 5 logistics companies in the Philippines. Our editors were able to identify what makes these 3PL companies deliver on time and why their clients stay loyal to them.

The top five include both seasoned and new players in the logistics marketplace. Our criteria are based on company success, employee comments, and presence. We also tapped some small and medium-sized enterprises as a source for us to find out which local logistics companies they utilize for trucking and delivery services.Here are the local logistics companies that made it to the list.

Here is a cheat sheet for comparing their available services. This helps you identify which among these logistics companies in the Philippines is your top choice for your business. As you can see, we categorized each comparison depending on the capacity and capability of their fleet. Since an archipelago like the Philippines will depend mostly on all types of forwarding. We also considered the mobile app as a means of ease of accessibility of their services since almost everyone is using a smartphone. And we also focused on their capability to deliver to the largest island in the country, Luzon.  And lastly, the price is based on the base price of their most expensive service compared to each other.

Top Logistics Companies in the Philippines

Ernest Logistics

Ernest Logistics Corporation started in 2009 as a 3PL trucking solution to clients at any point in Luzon. As a company that has been in service for more than a decade, Ernest Logistics Corporation has established itself as a prime partner for hauling and trucking services in the country. They specialize in containerized hauling or trucking that is well designed for long-haul cargo. Other services include loose cargo, less than container load, and domestic pier/port solutions. When it comes to big cargo for big businesses. Ernest Logistics Corporation is the third-party logistics partner for you.

Visit the Ernest Logistics Corporation website here.

CEVA Logistics

CEVA logistics is the oldest company in our list. And with that, it means to experience. CEVA started its roots in contract logistics with only a single truck in Australia back in 1946. Fast forward to what it is today, CEVA is now known as a global force in 3PL freight management in over a hundred countries. With their experience for more than five decades and strong presence worldwide, nothing can go wrong with their freight solutions. Many international brands rely on CEVA’s 3PL services. So if you are ready to take on the world, CEVA is your choice.

Visit the CEVA Logistics website here.

AAI Worldwide Logistics

Another homegrown logistics giant in our list is AAI Worldwide Logistics.  Airlift Asia Inc. began their 3PL airfreight forwarding company in Pasay City back in 1981. Being one of the first logistics companies in the country, their expertise in the industry shows how much they mastered the market in Manila. They have also grown to expand their services to sea freight, warehousing, distribution, business process outsourcing, and an express courier service we are more familiar with, black arrow express. Clearly establishing their name as one of the leading logistics companies in the Philippines.

Visit the AAI Worldwide Logistics website here.

Fast Logistics

Fast logistics is the oldest one in our list in terms of presence in the Philippines. With its history dating back to 1945, Fast logistics started with one ship. They have entered the shipping industry very early. Earning them the trust of growing businesses at the time. And the fact that shipping plays a huge role in an archipelago like the Philippines, Fast logistics has become one of the major players in the logistics industry. Now they have expanded their 3PL services to trucking, forwarding and distribution. They are a well known company especially to agricultural regions of the country. Making them a trusted business partner for all kinds of industries.

Visit the Fast Logistics website here.


Last but not least,Transportify. Our youngest and probably most innovative in our list. For a 3PL company that just started less than 5 years ago, Transportify is more known as a delivery app. Started in Thailand, it has become one of the trusted 3PL logistics service providers in Southeast Asia. What sets Transportify apart from this list, is that their services are accessible through mobile apps or their website. Availing of their services is as if you are just ordering food online. But don’t let this simplicity fool you, their 3PL services actually cover from any point in Luzon. They have a fleet composed of sedans, SUV, L300, closed vans, pickup trucks, and even a 10W wing van.

Visit the Transportify website here.

What Company Should You Hire?

The top 5 logistics companies we have listed above stand out on their own personal strengths. Even after weeks and months of researching and interviewing, it is very difficult to conclude on which is the best 3PL company available in the Philippines. Each company has its own pros and cons. It all comes down to what suits your needs for your business. We hope these findings could help you and your business achieve its goals.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the best logistics companies in the Philippines?

There are many logistics companies available in the Philippines. But here in logisticsbid, we chose 5 that truly stood out among all. These are Ernest Logistics Corp., CEVA Logistics, AAI Worldwide Logistcs, Fast Logistics, and Transporify. Choosing the best among our top 5 logistics companies in the Philippines is difficult. What may help you decide, is to see what each of these companies offer and choose what fits your needs the best.

2. Where can I find more detailed information about the services of top logistics companies?

For detailed information about the list of our top 5 logistics companies in the Philippines, you may visit the website of Ernest Logistics Corp., CEVA Logistics, AAI Worldwide Logistcs, and Fast Logistics to check their contact information. However, for Transportify, you may either use their website for a quick quotation, or download their app to start booking.