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Philippine Logistics Companies: Yusen Logistics, An International Freight Forwarding Company

By Cat Dewinta - October 19, 2020

Philippine Logistics Companies: Yusen Logistics, An International Freight Forwarding Company

The world has become a small place to live in thanks to the many advances in technology that enables quick and easy communication. Furthermore, the exchange of goods, products and services between countries also plays a vital role in making this world a “Global Village.” Cars manufactured in Japan can easily find their way on the highways of the United States and fruits from the Philippines are shipped to other Asian countries. These are all made possible by international freight forwarding companies. These companies enable the exchange of goods from city to city or continent to continent. In the Philippines, Yusen Logistics is a major player when it comes to providing international and domestic logistics solutions. The variety of services that they offer and high standard of excellence merits it to be called one of the top Philippine logistics companies.

In recent years, the world has become very interconnected where people from all over the world are more connected to each other. For example, with just a few clicks in your smartphone, someone in the Philippines can easily talk to a family member in Canada. An employee working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in Manila can take part in a corporate meeting happening in Brisbane through his computer. This interconnectedness can also be felt in the field of education. A student living in Singapore can attend online classes in prestigious universities in the United States of America. Thus, when it comes to human interaction, distance and time zone differences don’t seem to be much of a problem anymore.

Besides advances in communications technology, international freight forwarding companies play a huge role in making this world a global village. These companies enable countries to export and import goods to each other which supports their national economies. According to the World Trade Organization, the value of world merchandise trade is around 20 trillion US dollars in the year 2018. In the Philippines, exports of goods and services amount to 28% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). With such a large contribution to the Philippine economy, Philippine logistics companies play a crucial role in making our country the next Southeast Asian economic powerhouse. Yusen Logistics, a Japanese cargo and freight company, is a key player in the logistics landscape of the Philippines. They can handle international and domestic cargo and freight forwarding operations. Read on to learn more about the services of one the Philippine’s logistics companies.

About Yusen Logistics

In 1955, the Kokusai Ryoko Kosha was established to accommodate general air travel and air cargo services. It was certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as an air transport agent. In 1959, NYK (Nippon Yusen Kaisha) acquired Yusen Air Service C., Ltd. By the year 1979, they were given the air freight forwarder license in Japan. Four years later, they set up their logistics department and in 1984, NYK acquired the international air freight forwarder license. Fast forward to 2010, a letter of agreement was signed between Yusen Air and Sea Service and NYK logistics Japan. This paved the way for the inauguration of Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. Two years after the inauguration of Yusen Logistics, their presence is already visible in over 36 countries around the globe. In January 2018, Yusen Logistics Co., Ltd. became a wholly owned subsidiary of Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha.

Currently, Yusen logistics has its main office in Tokyo, Japan and has over 24,000 employees worldwide. The global network of Yusen logistics spans almost 46 countries and covers around 356 cities. Its core services include air freight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, contract logistics, origin cargo management and control tower solutions. It has close to 2.9 million square meters of strategically positioned warehouse space. It has 82 bases in Europe, 65 bases in the Americas, 92 bases in East Asia and 202 bases in South Asia and Oceania. In Japan alone, it has 73 bases ready to deliver quality logistics solutions to individual or business customers. Europe is their biggest market comprising 25% of their net sales composition ratio. South Asia and Oceania come at a close second contributing 22% of Yusen logistics net sales. With this many bases positioned strategically around the world, we can say that this international freight forwarding company is well positioned to be a leader when in global logistics services. Furthermore, Yusen Logistics is committed to building relationships with their clients, an essential aspect of business growth not only of this logistics provider but their clients as well.

International Freight Forwarding Services

In the Philippines, globalization has been a crucial force in the expansion of the logistics market. As the nations of the world become more and more connected and dependent with each other, the need for international freight forwarding companies to enable the exchange of goods and services arise. In the years 2014 – 2019, a steady overall growth in the logistics industry was seen thanks to the government’s focus on building new infrastructures as well as Public-Private Partnerships. The rise of the e-commerce industry has also played a pivotal role in the growth of Philippine logistics providers. Consumer behavior nowadays is evolving from frequenting the malls to shopping online using a computer or a smartphone. And because of the growing popularity and usage of online selling platforms, the express delivery market, a core service of a good number of Philippine logistics companies, has experienced growth. Research and analysis by the Lobien Realty Group (LRG) predicts that the express delivery market is expected to reach Php 68.2 billion by 2023.

However, the largest sector of the Philippine logistics market is Freight transportation. The strategic location of the Philippines in the world map and the continuous high consumption of Filipinos makes it an ideal place to trade goods. Furthermore, being an archipelago, ocean freight transportation is vital to keep alive the economic activity of the country. A good number of Philippine logistics companies offer air and sea freight transportation. Some of these companies are Ernest Logistics and UPS. For land based deliveries throughout Luzon, there is Transportify, a logistics app. However, Yusen logistics offers international freight forwarding services that adapt to the business model of a company. Furthermore, their presence around the globe gives you access to major airports and seaports around the world.

1. Air Freight Forwarding

Since Yusen logistics has a global network, you can be assured that their Air Freight Forwarding services can reach any destination you want. They can even take care of customs clearance for your company. In case you urgently need to transport your goods, Yusen logistics can organize chartered flights so that your package arrives at its destination as fast and efficient as possible. This international freight forwarding company operates its air freight forwarding services excellently that it was certified by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) as a Center of Excellence for Independent Validators in Pharmaceutical logistics as part of Yusen’s strategy of turning Kansai International Airport into a cargo hub.

2. Ocean Freight Forwarding

Customers around the world highly regard the ocean freight forwarding services of Yusen logistics. With a global network of about 46 countries and regions, your shipments can surely reach any destination you desire. This international freight forwarding company offers Full Container Load (FCL) and Less-than Container Load (LCL) options for your shipping requirements. By doing so, Yusen logistics adapts to each customer’s preference when it comes to ocean freight forwarding. Furthermore, the ocean freight forwarding services of Yusen can handle complex shipments such as large machine parts that can not fit on containers.

3. Warehousing and Distribution

Every logistics company knows that when you transport goods via air, land or sea, you need a storage facility that can safely accommodate these goods while they await their delivery schedule. Yusen logistics has warehouses and distribution centers at strategic locations across the globe. In the Philippines, this international freight forwarding company opened a warehouse in Las Piñas in order to accommodate the rising demand for express air shipments in the country. That warehouse is a 1,500 square meter facility with transport equipment for 10-wheeler wing vans, 6-wheeler and 4-wheeler vans dedicated to air freight forwarding.

Logistics Companies in the Philippines

As we have mentioned, the logistics industry is a big sector here in the Philippines. Thus, it is not surprising that there are many other international freight forwarding companies who offer similar services as that of Yusen logistics.

When it comes to air freight forwarding, there are many companies in the Philippines that offer such a service. Front Cargo Forwarders, Inc. offers air shipment to its customers. They can deliver to major airports all over the Philippines such as Iloilo, Cebu, Davao, Puerto Princesa and Zamboanga. Ernest logistics corporation is another logistics company that offers domestic air freight solutions. Furthermore, Ernest logistics can also handle door to door operations.

For sea freight transportation, South Seas Cargo Forwarders Inc, can handle your FCL or LCL shipments to major ports in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. LBC express also provides sea freight solutions for you to move your goods to various ports in the Philippines and to other countries.

For businesses requiring shipping services from the Philippines to various countries or vice versa, there is Maersk, DB Schenker and DHL. These are well known logistics companies with a global presence. For domestic logistics needs, one may avail the services of LF logistics or F2 logistics. These freight forwarding companies can ensure a fast and safe delivery of your goods to key cities in the country. But if you want to make a delivery using your mobile phone or computer, Transportify, a trucking company logistics app, allows a user to make a booking and deliver goods to anywhere in Luzon.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the services of Yusen Logistics?

Yusen Logistics, a global provider of logistics solutions offers a variety of services for individuals or businesses who need cargo and freight shipping either on a domestic or international scale. Their services include project cargo, the transportation of high value and critical pieces of equipment, air freight, ocean freight, warehousing, reverse logistics, and In-Plant services if you want them to take care of all the logistics operations of your company.

2.What does an international freight forwarding company do?

International freight forwarding companies take care of transporting freight or cargo from one place to another, usually across different countries. Hence the term “forwarding” to indicate the movement of goods. Usually, other companies hire freight forwarders to handle the logistics side of their business. Thus, international freight forwarding companies are usually the intermediary between the provider of goods and the recipient of goods. International freight forwarding companies have a network of delivery trucks, container ships or even airplanes in order to fulfill the delivery requirements of their customers via land, sea or air.

3. What are other Philippine logistics companies?

In the Philippines, logistics companies play a huge role in enabling the economic activity of the country. Since we are an archipelago, most logistics companies are diverse and can accommodate delivery requirements via land, air or sea. Other logistics companies in the Philippines are Ernest logistics, a 3PL trucking company, AAI Worldwide Logistics, and Fast Logistics, one of the oldest shipping companies in the Philippines. Transportify, an app based logistics company, can also accommodate your various logistics needs.