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Philippine Logistics Companies with API Integration: DHL, Entrego, Transportify, Lalamove, MrSpeedy

By Cat Dewinta - December 05, 2020

Philippine Logistics Companies with API Integration: DHL, Entrego, Transportify, Lalamove, MrSpeedy

Improving delivery services is always a primary goal of Philippine logistics companies. For most of these logistics companies, providing 24/7 customer service, or having a wide range of trucks is the solution to improving their quality of service to their business clients. However, there are those logistics providers offering API (application programming interface) integration capability. This technology-based option allows the system or application of a business to communicate with the app of a logistics company seamlessly.

API integration provides the opportunity for both logistics companies and corporate clients to work better. Allowing both systems to integrate and share data, booking and managing deliveries become more efficient, and the quality of service improves significantly. For example, an FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) company can integrate its TMS (transportation management system) with a logistics app. With that system in place, whenever that FMCG company needs to replenish a warehouse’s goods, it can make a booking easily. In this article, we will explore the different Philippine logistics companies’ application programming interfaces such as DHL, Lalamove, Transportify, MrSpeedy, and Entrego as they start to disrupt the industry with system integration capabilities.

Philippine Logistics Companies with API Integration



DHL is known around the world as a top express delivery company. Founded in 1969 in San Francisco, DHL has grown in the past several decades and now operates numerous warehouses and distribution centers worldwide. DHL offers many API services to its clients to provide a more efficient delivery service. For example, there is a DHL API for tracking, shipping, and location. The DHL API for tracking can provide access to the shipment status at any time. There is also a DHL API that provides access to transport order information so that you can track and trace shipments 24/7.

If you want your system to create bookings, a DHL API has the solution for that. The shipment booking DHL API allows your system to generate shipment bookings. A business that needs global forwarding services from DHL can avail of the shipment booking system integration from DHL. If your concern is how to improve the management of your warehouse DHL API has the solution you need. DHL offers a warehouse management system integration capability providing an interface to your WMS (warehouse management system). Lastly, there is a DHL API called Duty and Tax calculator, which allows for calculating the total cost of a cross-border shipment.

To know more about the services and capabilities of DHL API, kindly visit their website.


entrego logo

Founded in 2013, Entrego provides end-to-end logistics solutions to various businesses in the country. This Philippine logistics company specializes in express parcel service management, contract logistics, and freight forwarding solutions. However, another area where Entrego does well is API integration.

Because of its commitment to technology-driven end-to-end fulfillment solutions, Entrego offers API integration capabilities that can make the logistics operations of retail companies easier. For example, an online retail company can integrate its system with Entrego to make quick and easy delivery bookings. And because this API system integration is in place, a company can easily manage bookings and track deliveries.

API system integration with Entrego can make logistics operations easier for your company. After all, a business owner need not worry about the logistics side of the business. By integrating a company’s system to the Entrego application, the two systems can communicate effectively, and as a result, seamless logistics operations occur.

Visit the Entrego website to learn more about their API system integration capabilities.


transportify logo

Transportify is considered one of the leading Philippine logistics companies with API Integration capabilities for their partner businesses. They streamline the current logistics process with the use of API Integration. Businesses in the Philippines can automatically assign their deliveries to various Transportify driver-partners compared to doing it manually using dispatchers and ground attendants.

To give way to this automation, both systems of Transportify and the business will get evaluated for compatibility. After that step, API system integration will undergo several different stages to determine the right amount of information used for live operations. Transportify API is best for companies that usually deliver bulk goods to their customers using large trucks to different parts of Luzon. Transportify API is currently available in three other countries: Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

To know more about the API Integration process of Transportify, you may explore their website and start transforming your business operations using modern logistics technology. Try the app now by clicking the button below:


lalamove logo

Lalamove API is one of the Philippine logistics companies that allows businesses to integrate their delivery requests into their operations. The Lalamove API is using flexible endpoints that help their clients automate the distribution workflow quickly and efficiently. The Lalamove API developers usually take about a week or two for the Go-Live Process to get the integration ready.

Lalamove API Integration includes different services that may benefit your business from the order flow, service types, get quotations, placing orders, and real-time driver location. Before rolling the Lalamove API system, the sales and operations experts will conduct a soft-launch for the drivers to ensure that it is readily available and operational for both sides of the business.

Today, Lalamove API is currently available in different countries such as Brazil, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. To know more about the process of Lalamove API, you may visit their main website.


mrspeedy logo

MrSpeedy API highlights that courier bookings using their system integration may convert traffic to actual sales. The MrSpeedy API for businesses allows customers to automatically place delivery orders in the MrSpeedy application. Apart from that option, orders and real-time updates on the status and changes made in the delivery can be viewed.

MrSpeedy API Business Integration is done in two essential steps. First, both the customer and the delivery provider will set up using a test environment. If it works, it will proceed with the second step, which is the MrSpeedy API test. In this step, the integration of MrSpeedy API will switch into production using their Business API Integration software.

After those steps, you will find out if the integration successfully moves with enabling access to their production environment. MrSpeedy API is available for businesses situated in two key cities in the Philippines; Manila and Cebu. If you are interested in using MrSpeedy API for your business, you may explore their local website and see more details.

Choosing the Right Partner for API Integration in Logistics

The logistics industry’s disruption is caused by the rapid change in the digital space and the introduction of new technologies. API Integration is one of the ways that make it easier for logistics companies to improve their capabilities in giving excellent services to business clients. By integrating the system of the business client with that of the logisitics company, communication is easier and operations are more aligned with each other.

If you are a business that requires heavy trucking company services, you may explore the API Integration services of Transportify and DHL. These companies lead the Philippine logistics companies’ marketplace for efficient logistics management for large scale deliveries.

If you prefer to have an API Integration partnership with a small parcel delivery service, you may choose between Lalamove API, MrSpeedy API, or Entrego. These Philippine logistics companies are known for their express parcel delivery service in Metro Manila and nearby areas.

Assess your companies’ needs in terms of logistics and choose among these Philippine logistics companies that may help you integrate your systems. If you’d like to know more about logistics and companies that lead the supply chain marketplace, you may explore our editorials and start transforming your business with unique distribution strategies.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can API integration help Philippine logistics companies?

API Integration serves as a way to modernize the process of Philippine logistics companies. It is a communication tool for both systems (customer and logistics provider) in managing logistics. Instead of going through the manual process of scheduling deliveries, the API system allows for better cooperation between the logistics company and the business client by way of automating app events pertinent to the delivery process.

2. Which Philippine logistics companies offer the best API system integration?

It depends upon the requirements of your business. Transportify API and DHL API are best for large scale delivery requests. Their system is tailored to manage the bulk transportation of goods and trucking services efficiently. On the other hand, Lalamove API, MrSpeedy API, and Entrego have their system focused on small parcel delivery requests from their customers.