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DB Schenker | A Contract Logistics and Supply Chain Company

By Cat Dewinta - November 27, 2020

DB Schenker | A Contract Logistics and Supply Chain Company

Over the past years, technology application in logistics has helped integration in terms of logistics processes. Leading logistics and freight companies in other countries easily connect different addresses worldwide with express logistics for their products. Filipino handicrafts can be quickly delivered in the USA with the use of international logistics services or global contract delivery services.

Apart from this market change, it has been observed that the Philippine market for contract logistics and supply chain management has been aggressively expanding as more Filipino clients depend on express solutions for their distribution network. Unique distribution strategies help reduce the cost of doing business and ultimately achieving effectiveness in terms of operations. But how can a supply chain company do that?

This article will discover insightful information about a contract logistics and supply chain company and how they transform the industry with their service. Get to know more now:

About DB Schenker

DB Schenker LB Approved Table

Stinnes AG and Schenker Logistics laid the foundation of DB Schenker. It was dated back to the 19th century, where the success story of this leading logistics provider today.

DB Schenker originated in the European Region, where it provides consolidated logistics using rail transportation. They started to acquire different businesses moving forward, such as express shipping companies, air freight shipment companies, and sea freight containers.

At the beginning of the 21st century, they’ve also started to diversify their business to different parts of the world to reach more customers and become the leading provider for express contract logistics and end to end supply chain company.

Today, this company has proven its market position in the logistics industry. They’ve strengthened their network by acquiring more logistics and offering unique logistics solutions to improve customer experience.

They are able to secure their position in 140 countries with more than 95,000 employees, helping them achieve their goal of not just moving goods but also taking them further in the market.

Global Contract Logistics and Supply Chain Services

DB Schenker has a variety of different services spanning from modern supply chain and contract delivery services. To give you more information about the available services of this company, our editorial team enumerated the leading services that may serve a good benefit for your business.

1. Land Transportation

Since its establishment in 1872, DB Schenker is considered one of the leading providers for road and multimodal transportation. Over the years, DB Schenker still leads the market in providing reliable and efficient transportation services.

DB Schenker is serving the Asia Pacific region with a comprehensive range of logistics solutions customized to meet different business needs. They are known to be a leading player for transportation in many industries in this region.

DB Schenker’s road transportation services consist of domestic and international transport solutions. With their fleet, they can control different facets of transportation for their networks and business partners. This seamless service opens new opportunities for foreign countries to reach more geographies and bridge markets using modern transportation solutions. By offering this range of services, companies can easily integrate their logistics strategies and allow for an integrated transportation service.

2. Global Contract Logistics

DB Schenker is the leading and fastest-growing global contract logistics. With their innovative solutions and technological application, they became the top choice for some world-known companies.

Managing contract logistics and supply chain is a complex process. You’ll need to be able to add value to your customer’s distribution network while also committed to driving innovation and digitalization to support other facets of the supply chain company.

The worldwide contract logistics presence of DB Schenker covers more than 794 locations in around 60 countries and has a total warehouse space of more than 8,750,000 square meters. Their contract logistics service will undoubtedly help different businesses and provide help in various stages of the supply chain from supplier to customer, inbound and outbound logistics, and aftermarket support.

3. Lead Logistics

The Lead Logistics service of DB Schenker covers all stages of the supply chain from start to finish. It encompasses 4PL, Freight Management, LLP, Transport Management, and Supply Chain Company Solutions. Lead logistics and supply chain company services make customized distribution experience and enable competitive services for the network.

This logistics company prides itself on optimization. The most competitive supply chain company service options give customers the best and most efficient logistical set up to easily achieve financial, operational, and business goals.

Lead Logistics helps in process streamlining. They serve as your single-point-of-contact and one-stop-shop for the supply chain management. Their logistics process will help you focus on running the core aspects of your business, removing the hassle in handling contract logistics and express deliveries.

Other Logistics Players in the Market

We all know how difficult it is to manage logistics and supply chain company services, especially if a business is rapidly growing and expanding. Apart from traditional logistics services, the editorial team was able to identify other leading logistics players in the market that may benefit your business integration initiatives.

Last-mile Logistics

The quality of logistics service is essential to businesses. A company should choose a reliable provider that can utilize delays in last-mile deliveries and further improve customer satisfaction. Some well-known providers of last-mile logistics in the market are Transportify, Lalamove, Ninja Van, MrSpeedy, Move IT, and Black Arrow Express. They belong to the logistics group of app-based delivery providers that disrupted the logistics industry.

International Express Delivery

International express delivery makes it more convenient for business owners and individual clients to send their packages instantly bound to different world destinations. Most packages sent abroad include parcels, documents, and other goods that require express next day or same day delivery services to other countries. The leading provider in this marketplace is DHL and UPS. They have been serving international deliveries for a long time and are considered to be pioneers in terms of the country to country delivery services.

On-demand Logistics

Technological advancements made everything possible for new companies. It also paved the way in establishing on-demand logistics services that give excellent logistics services at very affordable pricing. These logistics players offer mobile or web applications so a customer can easily book a vehicle to handle their deliveries. In the Philippines, the leading on-demand logistics providers are Transportify and Lalamove. These companies can give the market an option to get excellent logistics services without binding them into a contract.

But, they have different expertise in terms of delivery service. Lalamove, for example, is more famous for small parcel delivery since they offer motorcycles. While on the other hand, Transportify is considered the leading provider for trucking solutions since they have a wide variety of vehicles ranging from sedans/hatchbacks, L300/Van, up to big trucks like 6w Forward Truck, Long Pickup Truck, and 10W Wing Van.

Container Shipping Services

Container shipping services involve moving goods in containers to different domestic locations and other countries. The leading players in container shipping services include DHL Supply Chain Company, LF Logistics, Yusen Logistics, and Maersk. This benefits most businesses in the Philippines, especially those that are exporting goods internationally.

Logistics is considered to be an integral part of a growing business. With a deeper understanding of logistics, you will know that it does not cover only delivering goods to your customers but connecting your products to different markets. Be sure to choose the right partner to be able to get more benefits for your business.

To know more about different logistics companies’ backgrounds, you may want to explore our editorials and website. It gives you an expanded understanding of how logistics can help transform your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can a contract logistics provider help businesses in improving their distribution processes?

A contract logistics provider customizes its service depending on the needs of the business customer. It boils down to the goal of the company. Whether they prefer to prioritize operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, or process improvement, they will help businesses improve their distribution process and cover other aspects of the business. A logistics company will define strategies that will help your company achieve its goal.

2. Aside from DB Schenker, what are the other leading supply chain company in the market?

Different supply chain company, aside from DB Schenker, specializes in giving modern logistics solutions to customers. You may try to use the services of DHL, Maersk, UPS, and Yusen Logistics. Assess the needs of your business to know which logistics service best fits your requirements.