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How On-Demand Logistics Transform Customer Experience

Author Cat Dewinta - Updated on August 06, 2021

How On Demand Logistics Transforms Customer Experience

These days you can practically get anything delivered to your door in a matter of hours. Need your essentials? Shop online at your favorite grocery stores. You don’t feel like cooking? Order your favorite foods online. All these are quickly possible because of on-demand logistics. On-demand logistics is a modern logistics model. It allows vendors to expand their geographical reach and fulfill orders as soon as they place them. With this model in action, consumers have developed higher standards in terms of convenience.

In 2017, Deloitte conducted market research and found out that 65% of consumers said that they consider deliveries within two days or less as fast shipping, while others said fast shipping for them is 3-4 days. As the years went by, consumers that felt 3-4 days for fast shipping declined in half. This behavior shows that customers’ expectations are never static, never go down, only up. This phenomenon, according to Jeff Bezos, is a result of human nature. “People have a voracious appetite for a better way, and yesterday’s ‘wow’ quickly becomes today’s ordinary,” he wrote in one of his letters to shareholders.

Customers’ constant expectation of faster fulfillment was driven by major factors such as e-commerce and technology. A business must offer the same level of convenience compared to other well-known on-demand service providers to stay competitive in the on-demand logistics market. Satisfied customers are more likely to put trust in your business and boost loyalty. Read on to learn how on-demand logistics transform customer experience:

1. It provides a competitive price

On-demand logistics provide a more cost-friendly rate because they have reduced investment in human resources, storage, and store operations. Selling via online platforms is what on-demand delivery entails. They won’t need to maintain a physical store and pay for its ongoing operations. Thus, making on-demand delivery services more affordable.

2. It is faster

Need it today? Need it in an hour? On-demand logistics was made for that – at your service. Providers aim to give their customers top-rated services in the shortest time frame possible. The faster it reaches your customer, the happier and more satisfied they will be. Who would not want happy customers?

3. It is more flexible in terms of payment method
Now that digitization is part of our lives, customers seek options for flexibility. They now favor services that give them control over their transactions, like payment methods. Through on-demand logistics apps, customers can easily decide on their payment. They need an option that is more convenient and accessible to them. More options appeal to a broader range of customers, resulting in a greater reach.

4. It saves time and effort
On-demand logistics are door to door and means they do not need to go to logistics centers to pick up and drop off their items. Everything is delivered directly from the sender to the customer’s door. Customers will save time and effort because they will not have to wait as long. Once delivery is complete, they can quickly resume their lives.