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App Based Express Trucking Companies In The Philippines

By Cat Dewinta - March 06, 2021

App Based Express Trucking Companies in the Philippines

Technology has disrupted numerous sectors all around the globe, allowing processes to be more efficient and less complicated. The majority of businesses today could easily expand their customer base by applying modern technology in their operations. In many cases, technology-based solutions have been responsible for a company’s success. For instance, a manufacturing firm may put money into automated systems that can significantly speed up the production line.

The same situation can be applied to the logistics industry. Technology gave birth to express trucking apps that can accept and complete deliveries quickly at any time. As a result, more and more trucking companies are turning to technological solutions to enhance their efficiency. This article aims to give readers a glimpse of the capabilities of express trucking apps and how they can be beneficial to businesses.

Because of the benefits that it provides, technological progress has been enormous assistance in many markets. For example, complex brain operations are now possible thanks to sophisticated medical equipment powered by computers and software. In the field of communication, technological advancements have made it possible for two parties to communicate in real-time from opposite sides of the world. In fact, an article from the Information age, a tech news website, says that advancements in communications make information sharing with other countries easier. These are just a few examples of the benefits of technology that have improved our lives.

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the logistics industry. It has become increasingly important in recent years, especially as mobile app technology developed. A trucking company makes use of this technology to accept bookings from customers. In fact, the trend among logistics companies is to serve as a platform that connects customers with truck operators by means of a trucking app. With this setup, express trucking companies began to grow in the Philippines and abroad. These technology-enabled trucking companies can provide fast and efficient delivery services to their individual clients and business customers. Thus, they have an important role in supporting local businesses. Read on to know more about the features and benefits of these express trucking apps.

What Are the Features of an Express Trucking Company?

Making deliveries faster and more efficient is always an objective of any logistics company. Because customers expect that their ordered products arrive on time, a trucking company is continually optimizing schedules and routes in order to meet this expectation. This is where app-based logistics providers have an advantage. Individual customers and business clients can make a delivery booking at any time through the apps of these trucking providers.

In this section, we will explore some features of express trucking companies and why they are useful for your business.

1. Convenience and ease of use

Before mobile app technology was invented, the method of scheduling deliveries with a trucking company was to call them or visit their office, show your delivery route, and then wait for an assigned truck to accommodate your delivery route. This process takes a while and there are cut-off times which means delivery bookings made after a certain hour will only be reviewed by the logistics company on the following day.

App based express trucking companies have scheduling bookings much easier for anyone to use. All you need to do is download the app, create a profile, and request a delivery booking. This delivery booking request will automatically trigger the trucking company’s system to find a vehicle for your logistics needs. In just a few minutes, your booking is registered and a delivery vehicle is on its way to the pickup location. Furthermore, making delivery requests can be done from anywhere provided that the pickup location is within the service area of the trucking company.

Another method offered by most app based trucking companies is to integrate your system with their delivery app for enhanced data transfer. This allows you to automate certain processes such as managing bookings using your app. This method is called Application Program Interface (API) integration and allows for better communication between your app and the logistics provider.

Learn more about the Philippine logistics companies with API integration.

2. Wide range of vehicle types

Using the right vehicle for your delivery needs is essential and these express trucking companies have the solution. They have a wide range of vehicle types that can do almost any kind of delivery service. For example, they have sedans and L300 vans fit for last-mile logistics. These vehicle types are mostly used to deliver straight to a customer’s home. They can carry items from small appliances to food products. Some of these app based delivery services even have motorbikes for small parcel courier delivery services.

For larger and bulkier deliveries, some of these trucking companies have a closed van in their app which can handle items like furniture products, multiple appliances, and wholesale goods. Furthermore, these vehicles can service the Metro Manila area which is great for both business and individual clients.

Having an express trucking service provider that can accommodate a wide variety of logistics operations is important because it gives you better flexibility in your operations. It would be difficult if a logistics company only had a single type of delivery vehicle. Surely, that company would not be able to service all your delivery needs.

3. App based features

These express trucking companies have plenty of app based features that can provide you with an excellent delivery booking. These features are designed to make delivery operations more efficient. For example, there is the multi-drop feature of some express trucking companies. This feature allows the client to economize on delivery bookings by having the option to deliver to multiple bookings in just a single booking.

Another excellent feature of some of these app-based delivery companies is the 24/7 customer service support. This is important because it is a way of resolving problems arising from delivery bookings quickly. Having a fast responding CS team gives clients assurance that their problems will be resolved right away. Lastly, another important feature of these logistics solutions is the “track and trace feature.” This allows the client to monitor in real-time the progress of the delivery. This is important especially for deliveries of highly valuable goods.

What Are Some Express Trucking Companies in the Philippines?

There are a few app based logistics and transportation companies in the Philippines with the features described in the previous section. Usually, they service the Mega Manila area but some are capable of doing long haul routes such as deliveries from Manila to Baguio city. The section below is a short breakdown of some top express trucking companies in the Philippines.


Transportify is app enabled trucking company in the Philippines. This company has positioned itself as an on-demand trucking provider and has a wide range of delivery vehicles from sedans to 10 wheeler wing vans that can support any type of trucking operation. It even has mini dump trucks to haul construction materials.

This 24/7 logistics app is available for deliveries anywhere in Luzon and Cebu which makes it an excellent trucking provider for SMEs and large businesses who need to outsource their delivery operations. They also have cash on delivery services and a corporate account program for those businesses who regularly need logistics transportation.

Visit Transportify app to start your booking.


Mober is another app based logistics service provider available in the greater Metro Manila area and Cebu city. It has vehicles from L300 utility vans up to a large truck. By using these spacious vehicles, Mober ensures that the goods you transport are well protected.

This logistics company can be used for a variety of purposes from lipat bahay, store pickup, and even pet shuttle. Every Mober booking comes with a driver plus a helper to load the cargo into the vehicle. Businesses who need to transport bulky goods in the Mega Manila area can use the Mober app.

Visit Mober app to start your booking.


Lalamove is an express delivery company with a strong emphasis on on-demand logistics. Many individuals and small businesses avail Lalamove’s logistics services from motorbike parcel deliveries up to closed van cargo transportation.

Lalamove is present in plenty of Asian cities such as Bangkok and Mumbai. In the Philippines, they are available both in Cebu and in the Mega Manila area. They have cash-on-delivery services and purchase delivery options which makes them a good express trucking company in the Philippines.

Visit Lalamove app to start your booking.


Nowadays, businesses must deliver goods to their clients or distribution centers in a fast and timely manner. In order to do that, it needs the help of app-enabled express trucking companies that can do the logistics operations efficiently. Since these companies operate on an app, they can be used at any time and from anywhere provided it is within their service areas. They also have other app based features such as 24/7 customer support, having multiple drop-off locations, and the “track and trace” capability. Thus, in order for your company to grow, it is important to partner up with an app based logistics company in order to deliver more while spending less.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is meant by express trucking?

Express trucking is a term used to describe fast and quick logistics operations. These trucking operations happen quickly because they are enabled by app based logistics companies. These companies use a mobile or web app to get delivery bookings and assign them to a driver who is within the company’s platform. This driver then proceeds to the pick up location as soon as he receives your booking. All these activities happen in just a few hours which gives rise to the term express trucking.

2. Are trucking companies important for my business?

Logistics operations is a tiring and time-consuming operation in any company which is why most businesses outsource their delivery requirements. This is where trucking companies come into the picture. They are important for businesses because they allow the company to focus on more essential business operations such as sales and marketing while they take care of doing the deliveries either straight to a customer or to a distribution center.