J&T Cargo Details

J&T Cargo is a technologically innovative express company under the wings of the J&T Group. J&T Cargo continuously improves efficiency and optimizes logistics costs based on high operational standards, robust warehouse transportation and distribution systems, and advanced logistics applications, to increase business distribution value for customers and create the best logistics experience.

J&T Group, which was founded in August 2015, is the first technology-based logistics company in Southeast Asia with E-commerce as its main business, its business covers various fields such as express delivery, cargo delivery, warehousing and supply chain, as well as its type of business serving intercity, inter-provincial and international shipments. As of January 2021, J&T Group has more than 240 large-scale sorting warehouses, 600 sets of automated sorting tools and 8,000 owned vehicles spread across the globe, as well as operating more than 23,000 outlets and has up to 350,000 employees.

Service Products

  1. SLA Services

This includes on-time delivery between cities via land, efficient and professional operational processes, exclusive hotlines, round-the-clock tracking, and guaranteed SLA delivery.

Until the morning of the next day

Until the next day

Until the day after tomorrow

  1. Small Cargo

This service is entering the small package wholesale market, especially the delivery service of fashion products, 3C electronics, cosmetics, fresh food, hardware (nuts and bolts) and other chain store products throughout Indonesia, on-time departure, transit and delivery priority, delivery priority, delivery of goods up to the highest floor without hesitation.

H50 (Items weighing under 50 kg)

H100 (Goods weighing 50-100 kg)

  1. Standard Cargo

Economical prices and standard operating procedures, safe, timely, and efficient door-to-door delivery services at affordable prices.

H300 (Goods weighing 100-300 kg)

H500 (Goods weighing 500 kg)

Landmark Pluit, Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya No.2, RT.4/RW.10, Pluit, Kec. Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14450

What are the advantages of J&T Cargo?

J&T Cargo continuously improves efficiency and optimizes logistics costs based on high operational standards, robust warehouse transportation and distribution systems, and advanced logistics applications, to increase business distribution value for customers and create the best logistics experience.

How is the J&T Cargo payment system?

For non-corporate customers, payment can be made in cash when the package is handed over to the drop point. For corporate customers, the payment system can be done with special terms and conditions.

How do I check J&T Cargo receipts?

You can check the J&T Cargo Receipt Number independently on www.jtcargo.id or through the J&T Cargo application.

How and when do you get a Receipt?

The receipt number will be given directly by J&T Cargo when the package is sent via drop point.

How do I make a claim?

To make a procedural claim, you can contact the J&T Cargo call center at Hotline 021-8066-1666. Then you can take the insurance claim form at the nearest drop point and complete all the required requirements.

What happens if a customer sends a package containing dangerous goods?

For customers who intentionally send prohibited goods or dangerous goods, based on Article 47 of Law No. 38 Th. 2009, customers will be sentenced to a maximum of 5 (five) years in prison or a maximum fine of Rp. 1,000,000,000,- (One Billion Rupiah) and the delivery service provider (J&T Cargo) cannot be held responsible for the incident.

How do I report complaints and suggestions?

You can contact 24-hour customer service at 021-8066-1666.

How is the calculation of packages with volumetric weight?

(Length x Width x Height) X 1 kg / 5000

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Idha Ekawulansari

Thank you, the package arrived in good condition, success is always for jnt cargo, Graha Bintaro

Berita Uniq

Friends in Graha Raya and its surroundings who want to send packages of goods or vehicles... don't need to bother packing because there is a special handyman who handles it.

Rishi Kumar

Very satisfied with the service of jnt graha bintaro, friendly, on time and can be picked up too... thank you

Ariyanto Achmad

Coincidentally, the owner lived in Bali, and I needed to send an MTR to that area. so it's very helpful for locations in Bali. Thank you brother

Hendro Abdiel

Fast delivery, but you have to pay more attention to the goods so that nothing is damaged


Garbage expeditions, unbelievable My package from December 28 until today has no clarity and responsibility On the phone, the answer is also the same, there is not the slightest clarity. It's the first time I've used this expedition service, once I use this, it's not even clear about my😤 package

Fenny Changdra

The oath of service is garbage! There is no solution to the package. And there is really no responsibility!!


Woi j&t slow where is my new laptop package from earlier I didn't arrive at my house where tomorrow the deadline for the process of packing goods GARBAGE BETTTT SERVICE CUUKKKK😭😭 ...

tekhot tekhot

garbage courier. It takes 4 days to send from Cihampar Bogor to Penjaringan North Jakarta. damn this disposable courier.

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