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Top 10 Companies With Partial Load Service in the Philippines (2022)

By Cat Dewinta - August 01, 2021

Top 10 Companies With Partial Load Service in the Philippines (2021)

As delivery services become more in demand, partial load or less than truckload service emerges to reduce costs and optimize package transportation. It is a more practical option for time-sensitive cargo that is too small to fit in a Full Truckload (FTL). With a more fast-paced market today, companies are aggressively adapting to this change by being more flexible, dynamic, and cost-effective. Allow this article to help you in learning more about the existing partial load or less than truckload companies in the Philippines. Free to use this as your guide to determine which company best fits your needs.

For a comprehensive comparison, this article will be divided into two. The first one will be for companies specializing in transporting smaller cargo. The second will be for companies that can transport cargo with considerable weight and volume.

How Does Partial Load Service Work?

To have a better understanding of why consumers at times prefer partial load or less than truckload companies, you must know this service works and its difference from a full truckload. Below is a table to give you a clear comparison of these two types.

Partial LoadFull Truckload
Best for cargo with a relatively lower volume and is not enough to fill an entire truck.Best for cargo that can fill a whole truck
Cargo will be co-loaded along with others; delivery routes will be based on the collective locations of each cargo.The vehicle goes directly to the destination.
A cheaper option for individuals and businesses because partial load or less than truckload companies usually compute its price by weight and sizeAppears to be more costly because the price would be based on the whole truck.

Here’s an overview of the list of partial load or less than truckload companies this article will discuss:

Partial Load Companies for Lighter Cargo

The demand for smaller cargo typically comes from the e-commerce market. With various items being sold online across regions and cities here in the Philippines, consumers need a cargo transport service provider that is fast yet budget-friendly. These companies are best for smaller cargo that can often fit pouches up to a large box. Learn more about these companies below:

1. Entrego PH

Best Known For Courier & Express Parcel Deliveries

Entrego PH was founded in 2013. Since then, the company provides technology-driven services. One of which is their door-to-door partial load or less than truckload service. Entrego PH has a convenient app that allows customers to book for pick up anywhere in Metro Manila. However, the service area for their delivery is nationwide. They are a courier express provider that has a COD option. So if you are a customer from Metro Manila, you can easily consider Entrego PH in your choices. The maximum weight of the delivery would be 3 kilograms. They pick up cargo one day after the confirmation of booking from 9 am to 6 pm only. Their insurance cost is ₱5 or 1% of the declared value of your package, whichever is higher. You may check this link to know more about their claims process.


2. JRS Express

Best Known For Courier & Express Parcel Deliveries

JRS Express has 450 branches nationwide and international destinations where you can send your cargo. You may either drop off at the nearest branch or book for door to door, which requires one day lead time. The maximum weight you can transport through JRS Express is 20 kilograms. They can provide same-day delivery for nearer locations and typically deliver between 8 am to 5 pm. Payment for JRS can be done via Gcash or Paymaya once the cargo arrives, which is highly similar to the COD payment method. Upon booking, make sure to declare the value of your cargo, especially if they are high valued ones. You may visit the website of JRS Express for a more detailed explanation of their services.


3. ABest Express

Best Known For Courier & Express Parcel Deliveries

ABest Express provides door-to-door delivery starting at PHP 50. You can make a reservation for a pick-up through their website. With over 100 branches nationwide, this partial load company also has international shipping, but only limited to several countries. ABest Express delivers from Monday to Friday and usually has a next-day pick-up system once you book. Compared to the two previous companies, ABest Express offers a heavier maximum weight of 30 kilograms. So if you are a customer looking for a provider that can accommodate heavier cargo, you may consider ABest Express. They base the insurance on the declared value, so don’t forget to indicate once you book.


4. 2GO
Best Known For E-commerce Fulfillment, General Cargo & Courier Services

2GO, under the umbrella of 2GO Group Inc, offers a more flexible partial load or less than truckload service in terms of weight capacity. 2GO has QuikPac, QuikBox, and Budget Box. Among all, the Budget Box has the heaviest maximum weight of 50 kilograms. Budget box service is a good alternative for customers of 2GO who have cargo that weighs more than 20 kilograms for their regular Large box. They do door to door and door to airport deliveries depending on the service you’ll avail. Delivery usually takes one to six business days. The booking form will ask for the declared value upon your online booking. Make sure to fill it out so that you’ll have insurance for the booking. You may visit the website of 2GO to gain more ideas about their wide variety of services.


5. LBC Express
Best Known For E-commerce Fulfillment, General Cargo & Remittances

Last on the list for smaller cargo would be LBC Express. LBC Express is well-known as a cargo transporter, but also for its remittance and other business solutions. They provide door to door for cargo with a maximum weight of 100 kilograms. Booking is easy and hassle-free because they have e-commerce solutions like COD and COP (Cash on Pick up). Take note that if you need a next-day pick-up, make sure to book before 11 pm. LBC Express is open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekends, 7 am to 7 pm on weekdays. LBC Express rates factor in valuation fees from declared value for insurance purposes.

Comparison of Services

Of course, as a consumer, you want the best service possible for the transport of your cargo, and you will only be able to choose a company if its services align with your needs. To have a better grasp and comparison of the five companies discussed above, you may check the table below for its summary:

CompaniesPickup and DeliveryMaximum WeightService AreaCash on DeliveryTracking SystemApp Based24/7 Customer Service
Entrego PHDoor to Door3 KGPick up within Metro Manila only, but drop-off is nationwideYesYesYesNone
JRS ExpressDoor to Door20 KGNationwideYesYesNoneYes
ABest ExpressDoor to Door30 KGNationwideNoneYesYesYes
2GO ExpressDoor to Door50 KGNationwideNoneYesNoneNone
LBC ExpressDoor to Door100 KGNationwideYesYesYesNone

Partial Load Companies for Heavier Cargo

The marketplace for partial load or less than truckload service can be somehow too focused on the lighter cargo, but if you are to transport a heavier one, check the companies below to expand your options.

This service doesn’t only come practical for individual consumers but also to businesses and SMEs that do shipping regularly. Due to fluctuating seasons and demands, it is not all the time that Full Truckload shipping would pop as the best choice, especially if your cargo is too less in volume to fit a truck.

1. Transportify
Best Known For Trucking (Partial Load & Interisland) Logistics

Transportify came to the Philippines in 2015, and since then, they have robustly supported businesses and individuals in achieving efficient, reliable, and cost-effective logistics fulfillment. Transportify provides end-to-end logistics solutions for interisland trucking service, full truckload, and soon for partial load or less than truckload deliveries. As an app-driven company, booking in Transportify will only take a few minutes and is available at any time, 24/7. They are providing the convenience of door-to-door service and same-day delivery for some routes. Pricing would be based on the size and weight only because insurance is already inclusive once you book. In addition, under their Transportify Corporate Account for business, you can have their COD and POD (Proof of Delivery) services.

One great feature that Transportify includes in every booking is visibility and accessibility. Their app greatly provides the ability for customers to update, leave instructions, communicate and track the delivery and its progress directly through the app. On top of that, their Customer Service is available 24 hours every day. Meaning you won’t find it hard to reach out in real-time once a need arises. Who would want instant updates and reliable resolutions? To know more about Transportify and their services, you can visit their website.


2. AAI Worldwide Logistics Inc
Best Known For Freight Services & Warehouse Logistics

AAI Worldwide Logistics Inc, formerly known as Airlift Asia, was established in 1981. They currently have 15 warehouses in the Philippines to accommodate cargo nationwide for some of their services. For their partial load or less than truckload deliveries, their available destination in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao. AAI Worldwide Logistics Inc can transport up to a maximum weight of 500 kilograms with a two-day lead time after confirmation of your booking. They will base the insurance coverage on .3% of the declared value of your cargo. If you are interested to know more about AAI Worldwide Logistics Inc, you may always check their website for a more detailed review.


3. Rhenus Logistics
Best Known For Freight Services & Warehouse Logistics

Rhenus Logistics specializes in export and import services worldwide and started its operations in the Philippines in 2001. They offer a wide range of logistics services, one of which is Per Box Rate, falling under the partial load or less than truckload service category. The computation of its rate is by the cubic meter (CBM) regardless of weight and can be transported via sea freight. The Per Box Rate service is subject to consolidation and might take up to 8 days upon actual sailing to its destination. Rhenus Logistics’ Per Box Rate covers Metro Manila, South and North Luzon, and the entire Visayas and Mindanao region. The service comes with document management like Proof of Delivery (POD). So if you are a business that needs this offering, consider Rhenus Logistics part of your list. Check out the website of Rhenus Logistics to know more about their other services.


4. Lite Xpress
Best Known For Express Courier Services & Freight Services

Lite Xpress International Inc. takes pride in being the flag bearer of the Lite Xpress brand, which focuses on courier and distribution to any location in the Philippines. Lite Xpress can provide air freight partial load services nationwide up to cargo weighing a maximum of 115 kilograms. They do it on a door-to-door basis and implement a cut-off time of 2 pm if you want your cargo to be picked up within the same day. The expected arrival will be within 4-5 days within Luzon and 7-10 days to other locations. They, like the others, take the declared value into account when calculating the valuation fee and insurance for your cargo and are not inclusive of the price. Lite Xpress offers more useful logistical services that you can check out through their website.


5. JCS Logistics Corporation
Best Known For Freight Services, Customs Clearance, & Brokerage Services

Last but not least would be JCS Logistics Corporation. JCS Logistics Corporation is a relatively new logistics company in the Philippines to offers trucking services. JCS Logistics Corporation was established in 2018 and specializes in customized logistics solutions for trucking and freight forwarding services. For their partial load or less than truckload services, they pick up cargo on a door-to-door basis. They do weekly consolidations from Metro Manila to the following areas: Cebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, General Santos. Upon confirmation, lead time may take up to 2 days before they can pick up your cargo at your doorstep. JCS Logistics Corporation can transport cargo up to a maximum weight of 2850 kilograms with insurance included. JCS Logistics has other services such as Consultancy & Training and Process Creation & Improvement. If this is something interesting to you, click here to visit their website.

Comparison of Services

Transport of heavier cargo with more than a hundred kilograms can be a struggle at times, but you can include these companies in your list because they are proven to provide good quality and reliable services to businesses and individuals. Compared to the previous list above, these five companies focus more on heavier cargo that is what they have more maximum weight capacity.

CompaniesPickup and DeliveryMaximum WeightService AreaDocument Return Services (COD/POD)Inclusive InsuranceGPS TrackingApp Based24/7 Customer Service
TransportifyDoor to DoorRate based on weight and sizeAnywhere in mainland LuzonYesYesYesYesYes
AAI Worldwide Logistics IncDoor to Door500 KGManila, Cebu, and DavaoNoneNoneNoneNoneYes
Rhenus LogisticsDoor to DoorPer box rateNationwideYesNoneNoneNoneNone
Lite XpressDoor to Door115 KGNationwideNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
JCS Logistics CorporationDoor to Door2850 KGCebu, Davao, Cagayan De Oro, Iloilo, and General SantosNoneYesNoneNoneNone


Cargo transport has evolved with these companies coming and being available online. It goes to show that the logistics industry is adapting to the modern world. Transportify, LBC Express, Abest Express, and Entrego PH are the ones that allow customers to engage and book with them through their app. Document return services like Cash on Delivery and Proof of Delivery are also an impactful strategy for these companies because it provides payment flexibility to customers. Companies that have COD services are Transportify, Entrego PH, LBC Express, JRS Express. For POD, these are Transportify and Rhenus Logistics.

Choose a company that can provide you with the most convenience in timely pick-up and delivery, service area, cost, customer service availability, and insurance. We believe that if these are present, it is a guarantee that you will have a smooth cargo transport ahead of you.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the advantages of partial load or less than truckload companies with tracking capabilities?

Companies that can provide tracking capabilities have an advantage over others because this type of service feature gives customers visibility. The more they are kept up to date, the more confident they will be in your service. Knowing that their transaction is being updated will lessen their worries, and they are more likely to repeat transactions because they are satisfied. App-based service providers are now a go-to of consumers because it aligns more with their day-to-day activities and is easier to track since we are in a modern technology era.

2. How can I know the prices of these partial load companies?

Some of the companies mentioned in this article don’t have published rates on their website. For lighter cargo like Entrego PH, JRS Express, ABest Express, 2GO, and LBC Express, you can check their websites for the rates and weight capacities. Transportify, on the other hand, has a price calculator on its website that will give you rates based on your locations and cargo type. For the others like AAI Worldwide Logistics Inc, Rhenus Logistics, Lite Xpress, JCS Logistics Corporation, the best is to inquire through email and wait for their revert to get your quotation.