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Pos Indonesia is a State-Owned Enterprise known as a pioneer and icon of the logistics industry in Indonesia. With extensive experience, POS Indonesia is one of the best courier service providers and is most often used by the public. Pos Indonesia has an extensive infrastructure network reaching 24 thousand service points throughout Indonesia to support its operations and guarantees that the goods and documents you send will arrive safely and quickly.

Pos Indonesia offers many delivery services that include domestic to international delivery services. People who are not familiar with the types of Pos Indonesia services that exist today may at first feel confused about choosing a delivery service that suits their needs. But take it easy because the Pos Indonesia service center is ready to help both through live chat and through their call center, which is available 24/7.

Pos Indonesia continues to update and listen to their customers' feedback, including you. And in its efforts to realize every input from its users, Pos Indonesia continues to experience modernization and development as a state company. And that is shown by the aggressive efforts from Pos Indonesia to improve their logistics supply chain with one goal, namely to maximize logistics efficiency and provide the best experience to all their customers.

In addition, what distinguishes Pos Indonesia from many other SOEs or private companies in similar industries is that Pos Indonesia never stops innovating. It aims to always be at the forefront of this highly competitive market. One of Pos Indonesia's efforts to become the best package and mail company can see when they launched Pos Indonesia's new application called Pos Aja. Pos Aja applications make customers’ experience more enjoyable when they want to send packages or mail with Pos Indonesia and Pos Indonesia. In addition, the launch of the Pos Pay application provides convenience. Payments for Pos Indonesia customers.

For those of you who want to send goods to domestic (domestic) destinations, Post Indonesia provides five different types of mail and package delivery services that You can tailor to your needs. First, you can sort the five Pos Indonesia services based on the weight of packages and letters sent from Pos Instant Plus, Instant Posts, Express Posts, Special Express Posts, and Economic Jumbo Posts. Then, of course, you can use each service for your needs. Check out the explanation below about several Pos Indonesia services, so you don't make the wrong choice.

Pos Indonesia provides Instant Post Plus and Instant Post, which are very suitable for those of you who have fast delivery needs to destinations within the city. We can call these two services one of Pos Indonesia's innovations in facing the challenges of the current industry, which can deliver with the same-day delivery model. What distinguishes the two services is the estimated time and maximum weight of the goods you can send. The similarities lie in the two services you can order through the Pos Aja application, making sending your package even more accessible.

In short, for those of you who are still confused in choosing between these two services. Instant Post Plus is perfect for those of you who want to send goods to destinations in the city for goods weighing 50g to 5 kg. Another convenience that you get by using the Pos Instan Plus service is that your goods can be picked up and sent DIRECTLY to your desired destination by Pos Indonesia couriers, thus making your package delivered safer and faster.

Meanwhile, Instant Post is perfect for those who want to send goods quickly but want a more economical price. Because the Instant postal service can deliver goods in 9 hours and is suitable for shipping goods weighing up to 10 kg. One of the advantages of this service is that you can track your shipment using a tracking number and get insurance for your goods. Furthermore, with this Instant Post service, you can use additional COD services if you need a cash receipt service at your destination.

Next, for those who want to send goods in large quantities or need inter-city delivery services, you can choose Express Post, Special Express Post, or Economic Jumbo Post. The difference between the three types of services is determined by the delivery time estimation of your parcel or letter. Where Post Express has the fastest estimated delivery time with a maximum delivery time of 1 day arriving at the destination location. Pos Express's delivery time is shorter than Special Express Post and Jumbo Post, where the estimated time is between 1-4 days depending on the origin and destination of delivery.

Furthermore, the difference between the three services above can also be seen in the weight limit. For example, Pos Express is very suitable for goods weighing up to 30 Kg, and Special Express Post is for goods weighing 50 Kg. More than that, you can send goods up to 100 Kg using the Jumbo Ekonomi Postal service.

While many services are available and the choice is increasing, it's now easier to find information about the types and benefits of services and ship goods from your location. The delivery order process now happens because ordering all Pos Indonesia services and asking for information can be done through a mobile application called "Pos Aja." You can download this app from the App Store for Apple devices or the Play Store for Android devices. This application has been downloaded by more than 100 thousand people and has a satisfying star of satisfaction.

And for those of you who want to check prices, just check directly from the Pos Indonesia website, which You can access via www.posindonesia.co.id. After that, on the main page of the Pos Indonesia website, you can find "Calculate Shipping Rates." Then you can enter your desired delivery location, destination, and weight of the goods, then press "Check Rates" to get the price. Next, the website will take you to a price comparison page, where You will present several service options that best suit your needs. Easy isn't it?

Besides mail and package delivery services, Pos Indonesia also has many other financial services, warehousing services, and property businesses that may interest you. Follow all the latest news from Pos Indonesia that you can get from their official website or social media.

Gedung Graha Pos Indonesia Jl. Banda No.30 Bandung
Monday 8AM - 10PM
Tuesday 8AM - 10PM
Wednesday 8AM - 10PM
Thursday 8AM - 10PM
Friday 8AM - 10PM
Saturday 8AM - 5PM
Sunday 8AM - 2PM

When does Pos Indonesia open and close?

08.00-22.00 Monday through Sunday and National Holidays (Local Time)

How do I get in touch with Pos Indonesia customer service?

You can contact Pos Indonesia from their hotline at Hello Pos 1500 161, or email to Email: halopos@posindonesia.co.id

How do I find the nearest Pos Indonesia office/agent from my current location?

You can visit the official Pos Indonesia website and find “Nearest Post Office” fill the empty box with your location. The page will redirect you to the map that can show the nearest Pos Indonesia office/agent. You can also use the Google Maps application to find the nearest Pos Indonesia office.

Can the goods sent be picked up by Pos Indonesia?

Yes, simply contact Halo Pos 1500161 to get picked up by their courier.

What kinds of goods may I send with Pos Indonesia?

Important Letters, clothing, shoes, luggage, motorbikes, bicycles, helmets, plants, and so on are examples of general commodities. You can also send Jewelry, electronics, and gadgets are examples of high-value goods. And Batteries, Accu, and other hazardous goods.

Is it possible to track my shipment?

Yes, enter the delivery receipt number into the Pos Indonesia website's track & trace menu.

Does insurance cover my shipping?

There is insurance or a guarantee, which provides reimbursement for loss or damage to the shipment.

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Faiz Aditya

The service is very slow even though the counters are empty .. The officers are at the counter but the queue numbers are running slowly. Hopefully in the future it can be improved .. That is how many people have come here to get services like that.

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no comments are the same as this Mersh plate expedition service super duper slow just a group of magabut employees

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Closing Tuesday at stgh 8 pm.

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With the existence of the post office in Sucopindo, it makes it easy for me to stand the letter

Hary lasmana

Information from the employee opening hours 9-17 every day, even though in fact at 9 am I came to the shop but it wasn't open yet. The room is minimalist, so if there are several customers queuing outside. The staff is friendly and agile. For the standard cost of Pos Indonesia

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