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Philippines Ranked 18th For Logistics Opportunities Index (2023)

Author Cat Dewinta - Updated on April 11, 2023

Philippines Ranked 18th For Logistics Opportunities Index (2023)

Transport Intelligence’s Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2023 has ranked the Philippines in 18th place with an overall score of 5.18. This is an improvement from the country’s 5.16 score in the previous year. The index assesses the competitiveness of 50 emerging markets using four weighted metrics. These are domestic logistics opportunities, international logistics opportunities, business fundamentals, and digital readiness.

The index ranks countries based on size, business fundamentals, infrastructure, and other factors affecting market access and logistics efficiency.

Logistics Opportunities In The Philippines

According to the index, here are the Philippines’ scores:

  • 18th for Domestic Logistics Opportunities
  • 13th for International Logistics Opportunities
  • 9th for Digital Readiness
  • 33rd for Business Fundamentals

Let us talk about these scores below…..

Domestic Logistics Opportunities

The “Build, Build, Build” program has improved logistics performance in the Philippines. For example, the new roads and highways created faster access between cities, provinces, and other parts of the country.

International Logistics Operations

The Philippines maintained its 13th rank in international logistics opportunities. This criterion checks the capacity of emerging markets to ease cross-border logistics operations and trade-intensive logistics services. The country’s score of 5.28 in the 2023 survey improved from the previous year’s score of 5.25. Foreign and domestic investors are attracted to the country’s access to major ports and reputation as a reliable trading partner.

Digital Readiness

Digitalization is an important factor in creating logistics opportunities. Businesses can improve supply chain visibility while lowering operational costs to improve customer service by embracing cutting-edge digital advancements like automation and AI-based systems. The Philippines ranks 9th in digital readiness among Asian countries in the Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2023, with a score of 5.99, an improvement from its previous rank of 10th.

The report highlights that digitalization has become a significant growth engine for many emerging economies. Connectivity and digital readiness are crucial in overcoming trade difficulties during the pandemic and facilitating recovery in Southeast Asia.

The Future of the Logistics Industry In the Philippines

Overall, the Philippines’ strategic location in Asia, accessibility to major ports, and the country’s standing as a reliable trading partner make the country an attractive location for logistics operations. In addition, the government’s “Build, Build, Build” initiative and its commitment to digital readiness offer businesses an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on international and domestic logistics.