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Apps Like Lalamove You Never Knew Existed

By Cat Dewinta - January 10, 2024


Delivery apps like Lalamove are booming in the Philippines! They make sending things easy and fast, with options for everyone. While Lalamove is popular, there are many other great apps too. Let’s explore these “delivery app cousins” and how they’re changing the delivery world.

Boom! Delivery Apps like Lalamove Everywhere!

In the Philippines, more and more people are using apps to send things quickly. These apps like Lalamove, have changed how we get stuff from place to place. Whether it’s a small package or a big one, there’s an app that can handle it, for both regular folks and businesses.


What is the other company like Lalamove?

Lalamove’s success has paved the way for similar services to emerge. Comparing apps like Lalamove, Grab, MrSpeedy, and others reveals distinct features and services. For instance, some apps specialize in same-day deliveries, while others offer scheduled bookings. Factors such as delivery speed, vehicle options, pricing, and service areas vary, making each app unique in its offering. For a detailed comparison of on-demand delivery services, including Grab, Lalamove, Transportify, and others, refer to Comparison of On-Demand Delivery App Services.

There’s a growing list of app-based delivery services in the Philippines. Apart from the mainstream ones like Lalamove and Grab, there are emerging players like Black Arrow Express and Transportify. Each app comes with its unique set of features catering to different logistics needs. For a comprehensive list of app-based delivery services, check out List of App-Based Delivery Services.

Features That Set Them Apart

Each app in the logistics space brings unique features. For example, some apps provide real-time tracking, ensuring transparency and peace of mind for both sender and receiver. Others offer specialized services like refrigerated transport or bulk item delivery, addressing specific market needs. To explore more about top logistics and transportation companies, including Lalamove, F2 Logistics, and others, visit Top Logistics & Transportation Companies.

The Role of Collaborative Platforms

Collaboration between various logistics providers through platforms like GoGo Xpress and Transportify is emerging as a trend. These platforms can facilitate a more integrated and efficient logistics network, benefiting both service providers and users. To learn more about collaborative platforms, you can visit GoGo Xpress and Transportify.

What Courier is Best for the Philippines?

Determining the best courier depends on various factors, including speed, reliability, and cost. While Lalamove is a popular choice, other contenders like Angkas, Mr Speedy, and Gogox also offer reliable services. The “best” courier is subjective and may vary based on individual needs.

Which is better, Lalamove, or Mr Speedy?

Lalamove and Mr Speedy both have their strengths. Lalamove offers a variety of vehicle options, catering to different delivery needs, while Mr Speedy focuses on same-day delivery with a straightforward pricing structure. The choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the sender.

Which is better, Lalamove, or Gogox?

Lalamove and Gogox share similarities in providing on-demand delivery services. Gogox, however, may have a broader geographical coverage. Evaluating which is better depends on factors like delivery area, speed, and pricing, as well as any unique features each platform offers.


Which courier is the cheapest?

Identifying the absolute cheapest courier requires evaluating current promotions, specific delivery requirements, and destination. While some couriers may offer lower base rates, additional fees could impact the overall cost. Comparing quotes for a given scenario is the key to finding the most economical option.

Is Lalamove cheaper than Angkas?

Comparing the pricing of Lalamove and Angkas requires a closer look at their fee structures. Lalamove typically charges based on distance and vehicle type, while Angkas may have a different pricing model. It’s advisable to compare rates for specific delivery requirements to determine which service is more cost-effective.

Which is cheaper, Lalamove, or Mr Speedy?

Determining whether Lalamove or Mr Speedy is cheaper involves considering the specific delivery parameters. While Lalamove’s pricing depends on distance and vehicle type, Mr Speedy often has a flat-rate system. It’s advisable to compare quotes for a specific delivery route and size to determine the most cost-effective option.

What is the cheapest shipping rate in the Philippines?

Shipping rates in the Philippines vary based on factors like distance, weight, and urgency. Couriers like LBC, JRS Express, and 2GO are known for offering competitive rates. To find the cheapest shipping rate, it’s essential to obtain quotes from multiple carriers based on the specific shipment details.

What’s the cheapest parcel company?

The title of the cheapest parcel company is contingent on the specific parcel size, destination, and urgency. LBC, JRS Express, and Ninja Van are among the affordable options. It’s crucial to compare rates and service features to determine which company aligns with the sender’s needs.

Why is Lalamove expensive?

Lalamove’s pricing may appear relatively higher due to factors like vehicle selection, speed, and convenience. Lalamove often provides various vehicle options, including motorcycles, sedans, and vans, catering to diverse delivery needs. The flexibility and quick response time contribute to the perceived value, which may result in slightly higher costs compared to competitors with more limited options.
In the dynamic landscape of courier services in the Philippines, the choice between apps like Lalamove depends on individual preferences and specific delivery requirements. Whether it’s speed, cost, or service features that matter most, exploring the diverse options available will ensure that you find the courier that best suits your needs.