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How the Global Pandemic Affected the Shipping Industry
August 7, 2020

The global economy has been massively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, experiencing an estimated drop in GDP as of ...

How Can You Make Your Supply Chain Weatherproof?
15 October, 2021

The Philippines is a tropical country. For this reason, it is not rare for us to experience torrential rains ...

8 October, 2021

Metro Manila is currently under Covid-19 Alert Level 4 since September 16 and is scheduled to last until October ...

Supply Chain Management During "Ber Months" Sale in the Philippines
3 October, 2021

The "Ber Months" is the busiest time for business owners and consumers in the Philippines. As a business owner, ...

The State of Interisland Deliveries During Covid-19
26 September, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic brought great havoc on global and domestic shipping. One of the aspects that got affected a ...

Increasing Supply Chain Resilience in the Fourth Quarter of 2021
10 September, 2021

  We just got through a market-shaping year in 2020. Consumer habits totally transformed as health and safety precautions became a ...

E-Commerce Logistics 101: Five Stages To Move Goods From Cart to Customer
3 September, 2021

9.9 is near! "Have you added items to your cart yet?" Since the birth of big e-commerce ...