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How the Global Pandemic Affected the Shipping Industry
August 7, 2020

The global economy has been massively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, experiencing an estimated drop in GDP as of ...

    Delivery Companies with the Best Insurance Coverage
    14 April, 2021

    These days we often use on-demand delivery app services. For the most part all goes well and, sometimes, maybe ...

    10 April, 2021

    The age of the pandemic has changed the daily activities of every individual in the world. Society has faced ...

    The Role of Logistics in Agri-food Supply Chain
    22 March, 2021

    The agri-food sector plays a vital role in a country's growth. It acts as a primary contributor to the ...

    The Race to Logistics Automation
    15 March, 2021

    Restricted movements and strict lockdowns implemented in different parts of the world have halted traditional retail consumption of people ...

    The Logistics of COVID-19 Vaccination
    8 March, 2021

    The world is currently in a battle to prevent its citizens from getting COVID-19. Some countries already started immunization ...

    Sedans: An Alternative to Motorbikes for Courier Delivery Services
    28 February, 2021

    Fast and easy logistics services are always sought by many businesses in order to fulfill deliveries to clients quickly. ...