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PT Lion Express, often known as the Lion Parcel brand, is a business subsidiary of the Lion Group. Whereas Lion Air, a subsidiary of the Lion Group, is one of Indonesia's most well-known aircraft service providers. Since 2013, Lion Parcel has been in the business of freight forwarding and logistics, and they currently have over 7,000 brokers, 15,000 delivery couriers, and 3,000 fleets operating under its umbrella. It is also supported by the network and infrastructure of the Lion Group.

Now there are so many choices of shipping services to choose from, and each one of them has its various advantages. A customer might ask, "What are the benefits of Lion Parcel that make it worth consumers' time and money to use?" The following is a list of the benefits offered by Lion Parcel, each one of which could be a deciding factor for customers.

  1. Package Weighing Dispensation

Extra weight upon weighing? The anticipated weight is just 1 kilogram, but the actual weight is greater than 1 kilogram? In this circumstance, you do not have to pay 2 kilograms. Lion Parcel allows packages weighing 1.5 kilograms to be calculated as weighing only 1 kilogram. For example, if your delivery weighs 1.35 kilograms, you will still be charged 1 kilogram. This is the benefit of using Lion Parcel. For other shipping services, if your package weighs more than 1 kilogram, you will be charged 2 kilograms.

  1. Free Package Pick-up Service

For customers who are busy and don't have time to deliver packages themselves, or who have a large number of packages to send but lack the vehicle to get them to the Lion Parcel Office. Lion Parcel will reduce your burden with their complimentary pickup service. Simply contact the closest Lion Parcel Office and request that your cargo to be picked up. This home pick-up service is offered throughout the entirety of Indonesia at no cost.

  1. Multi Tracking

With Lion Parcel's multi-tracking technology, customers can monitor the delivery status of multiple shipments all at once. Customers who send dozens of items each day would profit significantly from utilizing this functionality. Just think about how challenging it would be to track each of these items individually. Customers can use this function through the lion parcel app, which is available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Best service based on current consumer needs, supported by their cutting-edge technology systems. With the slogan "Safe, Cheap, Fast," they operate their own fleet. Lion Parcel offers a variety of shipping options with varying arrival times based on the needs and budget of the customer. Onepack service is the fastest shipping option available from Lion Parcel where goods are estimated to arrive the next day. This service is also known as the Express Package Service. With a money-back guarantee if the package does not arrive the following day.

Lion Parcel also provides several services other than Onepack such as Regpack which stands for Regular Package Service. Regpack service can arrive within 2-3 days. The 3rd service Lion Parcel provides is called Landpack or Land Transport Package Service. This service usually arrives within 4-6 days. This shipping service is more economical and safer for shipping heavier packages. Other than those two, customers can also deliver goods internationally using their International Package Service. This delivery service can arrive within 7 days. You can send packages from Indonesia to abroad through this service at an affordable price.

To learn more about Lion parcel services and compare each service price, Customers can directly go to their official website or application. In less than 1 minutes you can get a price quotation for each delivery service option by inputting your pick-up and delivery addresses with the estimated goods' weight. For example, when you open Lion Parcel price checking page and input Grogol, West Jakarta as a pickup location and Benowo, Surabaya as the destination, you will get the price quote for Onepack (Rp105.000) and Regpack (Rp67.500). Detailed information regarding each service's terms and conditions is also available on the website.

Jl. Agave Raya No. 55, South Kedoya, West Jakarta, 11520
Monday 7AM - 11PM
Tuesday 7AM - 11PM
Wednesday 7AM - 11PM
Thursday 7AM - 11PM
Friday 7AM - 11PM
Saturday 7AM - 11PM
Sunday 7AM - 11PM
(62-21)-8082 0072

What types of items cannot be sent using Lion Parcel?

Below is a list of items that cannot be shipped using the Lion Parcel delivery service:

  1. Documents/Securities such as checks, bonds, stocks, certificates, etc.
  2. Paint.
  3. Car.
  4. Rings and jewelry.
  5. Hazardous or explosive goods.
  6. Weapons and their parts.
  7. Items containing alcohol.
  8. Narcotics, drugs, or other prohibited substances.

What happens if you keep sending Dangerous Goods?

Lion Parcel has a strict policy regarding this matter, if the customer continues to send dangerous goods the package will be detained at the Lion Parcel Warehouse Center and returned to the return address (failed to be delivered).

What is covered in Insurance?

Insurance can cover any risk of loss or damage throughout the shipping procedure. If the customer chooses to acquire insurance, the sum insured indicated at the time of purchase is IDR 1,000,000,000 per delivery receipt. The insured value for electronic commodities is Rp. 500,000,000.


How do I claim a damaged/lost item?

You can report a damaged or lost item within seven days of receipt and attach supporting information such as an ID card, account number, and proof of purchase. Please include photographic documentation of the damaged products if you file a claim for package damage. For additional information, please visit

What are the advantages of being a Lion Parcel agent?

By becoming a Lion Parcel agent, you can get additional income from the commission percentage. Lion Parcel provides commission percentages ranging from 15% to 30% depending on the shipping product. Besides that, Lion Parcel also provides free training regularly for agents and provides many bonus programs if they reach the target.

How to join, and what are the terms & conditions to become an agent?

In addition to being a client who uses the services offered by Lion Parcel, You also have the option of becoming a Lion Parcel agent. Visit to view the whole terms and conditions, as well as information on how to sign up.

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Good service

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