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Founded in 2015, Deliveree is the major transportation, road cargo, and commodities delivery company in Southeast Asia, with operations in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Deliveree provides goods transportation services to home industries, corporations, SMEs, and even individuals. The fleet of Deliveree consists of more than 30,000 trucks with 12 different vehicle types to choose from, that transport thousands of daily orders throughout Indonesia. This volume enables them to choose the lowest bids from truck vendors and give the most competitive prices to customers.

The advanced technology of Deliveree combined with their team’s unwavering commitment to operational excellence has been felt by more than 1 million customers since its establishment. Currently, Deliveree mobile app has received 1M+ downloads and a near-perfect Google Play rating of 4.9. If you are an iOS user, then worry not because Deliveree got you covered. The app is also available on the App Store with a rating of 4.7. Realizing that the drivers are as important as their customers, Deliveree has a stand-alone app for drivers available in Google Play Store with a 100K+ downloads with a rating of 4.8.

By this time, you may have already realized that Deliveree is very much different from the traditional logistics company that you normally see. This is indeed true, as the company mission itself is to “revolutionize the logistics industry in Indonesia”. True to its mission, Deliveree brings innovation in its logistics services to combat the inefficiencies and unnecessary logistics costs that have withstood in the Indonesia logistics industry. Simply through their app, customers could easily get a price quotation, create a booking and monitor the booking with a live tracking system. All these features are also accessible through their website.

If you are a business owner then this might just be your lucky day, Deliveree offers a free to join Business Program / BP that allows you to get all sorts of special features for your business needs. By creating a BP account, your business would be eligible for a feature-rich account with tailored services depending on your business protocols and needs. Some of the benefits of having a Deliveree Business Program account are as follows:

  1. Monthly Postpaid Payment

Cash ordering can be a bit tricky at times as you have to be prepared with cash every time you transact. For businesses that ship regularly several times a day, this can be a bit of a hassle. That's where Deliveree's monthly postpaid payments come in handy. Simply order from your app and let the Recipient handle the payment. In the first week of the following month, you will receive an invoice which will be billed based on your delivery order activity.

  1. Free Cargo Insurance by AXA Indonesia

Deliveree is one of the very few logistics companies who are willing to take the risks of insuring cargo. By partnering with AXA, Deliveree provides you with premium cargo insurance that will cover lost and damaged goods without you having to pay a premium. Deliveree will carry out a due diligence process where you will be assisted by the Deliveree Insurance Team to complete the documentation for the claim process.

  1. Document return and COD handling

Deliveree is a logistics provider who understands the importance of POD (Proof of Document) that needs to be returned within a timeframe based on your business SOP. Thus, Deliveree's internal courier ensures that you will receive your documents on time. In addition, if you require a COD (Cash on Delivery) transaction between you and your customer, Deliveree can bridge this and ensure the COD is transferred to your account within 1×24 hours.

  1. Tailor-made SOP for your business

It is well understood that every business has their own SOP and it is important for their truck vendors to understand this so that deliveries can run smoothly. Deliveree's Operations Specialist will study your business SOPs and document them in simple and easy-to-understand SOPs that Deliveree drivers must read when placing an order.

Aside from the cool features above, some other features include; direct booking with your favorite driver, book multiple direct bookings in just a few steps, custom stats dashboard for your business, multi-user message for your team, etc. In addition, Deliveree realized that the logistics industry never sleeps and customers may need assistance at any time. Therefore, Deliveree has 24/7 Customer Service agents who are ready to help you either through chatting on the application or if you prefer to call, they are also available 24/7 at your service.

Visit their website for additional details regarding service types, service area, pricing, and other relevant information. Their website is accessible in both Bahasa Indonesia and English, and it contains nearly all of the information a customer would require. If you prefer video, then be sure to check out their Youtube Channel as it contains easy to understand videos regarding frequently asked questions and their latest updates.

Wisma Anugraha, 2nd Floor Jl. Taman Kemang No 32B Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12730
7 days per week, 24 hours

Is there any insurance available from Deliveree for my goods?

Starting from 2022. For each order, customers will get free insurance for items 2 years old or less. This will protect you from loss or damage to goods.

If you wish to purchase additional insurance for your goods, Deliveree offers competitive prices from its insurance partner, Tokio Marine Indonesia. For more details about the rules and insurance coverage, you could visit their website.

How do I apply my business to the Deliveree Business Program?

To submit an application for the Deliveree Business Program, visit their website and navigate to the business section. There you will locate the Apply For Your Business button. The button will then direct you to the form for completion. After submitting this form, a member of the Deliveree Business Team will contact you.

Do I have to book a whole vehicle for my delivery?

Deliveree offers a Partial Load Service in which your items are co-loaded with the goods of other customers on a comparable route. By maximizing the utilization of cargo capacity within a single vehicle, they are able to cut shipping costs.

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Thank you for creating an excellent field of expedition work. Hopefully the results obtained are in accordance with the driver's performance that has been given. Thank you for working together to serve the community.

Jason Hammond

I am visiting your beautiful country. I was sad to see your delivery van “B 9946 BCS” was littering many times on the toll road. We must look after this beautiful place for many generations.

Rafi Khoery

Such a powerful app! The app is easy to use, provides the cheapest price among all. What I like the most from my experience is that the driver looks well-trained, ready to help me load & unload my things, and their CS 24/7 is superb! They …

mergie hijra rahmani

Great service. Was worried on how to move this by my self. App is easy to use and the car arrives really fast too! Drivers was really kind and helpful

winny as

This apllication is so nice. The CS were very helpfull and give the detail explanation to me about the product. The driver was so polite and very fast response. Thank you Deliveree !